‘Covington Boys’ Go On TV & Make ‘Blackface’ Defense With Video Showing Them Painted


Schools are where students figure out who they are and their place in the world around them, but sometimes that takes them down a dark ally of racism. Covington Catholic High School is located in Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R) home state of Kentucky. The private boys school has produced several outspoken young men who defended that environment of racism, on Fox & Friends.

Covington Catholic High School was just in the news when its boys harassed a peaceful Native elder. Now we learn that administrators let several Covington Catholic boys appear in blackface at a basketball game. The other team had several black players. When that is the environment and with Donald Trump’s overt racism, cruel racism has become a sad reality. Yet. the two boys claimed the students were “just showing school spirit,” according to The Daily Beast:

‘Steve Doocy asks a Cov Cath kid about others wearing blackface at basketball games, and he says since he’s been there “we haven’t been able to wear black paint because of the video, but I know the kids meant nothing by it, it’s just showing school spirit.”’

‘VIDEO: From :06 to 1:06 you can see a teacher or coach of #CovingtonCatholic leading the teens in a chant– several of the Covington students are in blackface. At this game, black players on the opposing team were verbally abused.’

Host of Fox & Friends Steve Doocy asked the boys about the students wearing black make-up during a game. It seemed, the school administrators encouraged them to wear black clothing for a “black-out” event. None of the adults sent those boys home.

When Doocy asked the two high schoolers about the event, student Sam Schroder said after the game went viral, the kids could not wear blackface any longer:

‘I’d just explain it as showing our school spirit. We had many themes, like nerd, business, white-out, blue-out, black-out, as you’ve seen in the video. But I know the kids meant nothing by it. It’s just showing school spirit.”

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