Roger Stone Appears On ‘ABC Sunday’ & Screws Trump Over LIVE On National TV (VIDEO)


Past Trump adviser Roger Stone is not taking kindly to having been arrested this past week after an indictment for charges including obstruction of justice, lying to Congress, and witness tampering. The charges from Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s office didn’t exactly come with no support, but Stone is insisting the whole effort against him has absolutely no merit anyway.

This weekend on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, he ranted:

‘In view of the fact that I expect to be acquitted and vindicated… and that my attorneys believe this indictment is as thin as piss on a rock, I’m prepared to fight for my life.’

That’s a dramatic assertion from the high profile political consultant, but it doesn’t really match up to reality. Stone’s indictment outlines a whole host of evidence against him, including points as egregious as that on the very same day he claimed to Congress to have never exchanged electronic communication with Jerome Corsi, he texted him dozens of times.

Corsi, according to the indictment, served as Stone’s source for the information about Wikileaks that he touted throughout the lead-up to the 2016 elections. Wikileaks spread the emails Russian hackers stole from the Democratic Party, and Stone directly sought to cooperate with those efforts and bring the Trump campaign along with him, which went at least somewhat along with the idea.

In July 2016, Stone asked Corsi to help him get emails from Wikileaks that hadn’t been publicly released yet but supposedly dealt with corrupt dealings at the Clinton Foundation. Around that same time, he “informed senior Trump Campaign officials that he had information indicating Organization 1 [Wikileaks] had documents whose release would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign,” according to the indictment against him — and an unnamed senior Trump campaign official was “directed” that same month to get in touch with Stone about future Wikileaks releases after the documents he’d promised showed up.

That’s not vague. Still, at present, Stone remains probably the most combative of any of the former Trump associates who’ve been roped in by Mueller’s investigation. Even former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort eventually made a show of cooperation, even if its legitimacy has since been called into question.

Stone faced a well-armed FBI team at his door this past week, which he denounced on ABC this week as “Gestapo tactics” despite the precedent for such procedures during sensitive arrests with dangers of further evidence destruction and even the target fleeing.

Stone insisted to Stephanopoulos that he would possibly be willing to testify in the Russia investigation, and although he refused to offer a final answer on that front, what he did offer was… interesting, to say the least.

As he put it:

‘If there’s wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that I know about — which I know of none — but if there is, I would certainly testify honestly.’

He can’t both be completely innocent and not know anything about corruption in the campaign… and know about corruption in the campaign.

The Trump team’s defense against the Russia scandal just keeps falling apart.

Featured Image via screenshot from the video