Trump Flops Awake & Tweets Humiliating ALL CAPS Sunday Morning Emotional Collapse


After Roger Stone’s arrest and the indictment was released, Donald Trump seemed panicky and surprisingly, has been reluctant to say too much about it. Although his trademark style after a close associate is arrested is to quickly distance himself while insisting the person did nothing wrong, Trump has said little more other than that Stone’s arrest was “sad” and that he only worked for his campaign the first few months.

It’s clear, however, that the arrest has rattled Trump. Stone’s indictment quite plainly indicates that the Trump campaign was well aware of Wikileaks and the illegally hacked emails. Stone wanted his friend, Jerome Corsi, to contact Julian Assange and have him released the documents knowing the Access Hollywood tape was about to be released.

Sen. Burr did say that the Senate Intelligence Committee had found no evidence of collusion at this point in their investigation. POLITICO reported:

‘The senator said some questions raised over the investigation could occupy the committee “for the next decade,” and that portions of the final report could be so classified that they are never revealed to the public.’

Each step of Mueller’s investigation also seems to be turning up other crimes, such as Manafort’s tax evasion and Stone’s threats to witnesses in his case. No matter how much Trump tries to justify his campaign’s actions at this point, it’s clear that the president surrounds himself with people more than willing to commit crimes to get what they want.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is also not the Mueller investigation and, at this point, no one knows what the special prosecutor has. For that, everyone will have to be patient; however, the Russia investigation is far from Trump’s only legal worries.

Twitter wasn’t impressed with Trump’s repetition of this statement about Burr. Read some of their comments below:

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