Trump Has Monday Night Venezuela Meltdown Like A Delusional Wanna-Be Dictator


The country of Venezuela is on the verge of a devastating economic collapse, as two sides fight against each other for control. The political crisis in that country has caused many people to go without food and medicine, but most importantly (at least in Trump’s evil, twisted mind) it’s causing violent protests as well as mass emigration, as people flee the country. In case you’re wondering what I’m getting at — this is partly where Trump is coming up with his “caravans of dangerous people trying to enter our country illegally” as a reason for us to pay for his ridiculous wall. In reality, none of those people are even close to entering the United States and probably never will, but he will keep Venezuela in the press at all cost for that reason and also, it gives him a chance to scream about socialism and why it’s “very bad” for all of his uneducated fans to hear, which is exactly what he did today.


Trump said:

‘Two days ago the first US Air Force C-17 landed in Colombia loaded with crucial assistance, including thousands of nutrition kits for little Venezuelan children.

‘Unfortunately dictator Maduro has blocked this life-saving aid from entering the country. He would rather see his people starve than give them aid.’

Trump added:

‘Maduro is not a Venezuelan patriot, he is a Cuban puppet. You Must not follow Maduro’s orders.’

Trump, of course, took to Twitter to reiterate his message.

And, of course, he had to get a few more words in about socialism and how big and scary it is — again, more fear tactics to keep his base riled up.

As you can imagine — especially after he just this past Friday declared a national emergency over a border wall which we don’t need, and almost certainly won’t work — the Twitterverse was not happy about his messages today and responded in kind:

Donald Trump isn’t fooling anyone, and like one Twitter user said above, Venezuela is just the “flavor of the day” and Trump will soon be using some other tactic to distract us from the myriad of problems that he himself faces. Thankfully, he’s no longer fooling as many people as he was this time last year.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot