JUST IN: Big Time Trump Ally Charged With Soliciting Prostitutes


You can’t run from the law forever. This week, yet another ally of none other than President Donald Trump was slapped with serious criminal charges, although ironically the case has nothing to do with him — the president just surrounds himself with questionable at best individuals. Trump friend and New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft has been charged with two counts of soliciting prostitutes after a local police raid on a day spa in Jupiter, Florida.

Kraft has not been arrested as of early Friday afternoon, despite the criminal charges. Local authorities say they have video of Kraft being driven to the establishment and there’s even documentation of him receiving “paid acts,” according to┬áPolice Chief Daniel Kerr. The charges against Kraft are part of a broad sex trafficking sting that has culminated in charges against some 20 people, all of whom face apparent video evidence of their guilt.

The Patriots — who are, of course, still under Kraft’s leadership — took a fiercely antagonistic stance in response to the charges. They did not pledge to get to the bottom of the issue of whatever else — a representative of the team simply ranted:

‘We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.’

The NFL offered no conclusive statement on the issue, simply explaining:

‘The NFL is aware of the ongoing law enforcement matter and will continue to monitor developments.’

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President Trump, meanwhile, told reporters at the White House that he was “surprised” that Kraft had been charged, noting that he denies the allegations, which fits in with responses he’s offered to other high-profile sexual misconduct incidents.

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After news broke of sexual harassment allegations against now-former Fox host Bill O’Reilly that reached the point of $13 million worth of settlements with his accusers, Trump insisted O’Reilly was a “good person,” even adding that he “shouldn’t have settled” because he doesn’t think he did “anything wrong.”

Trump has personally been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women, all of whom he’s denied assaulting — despite evidence of his sexism like the high-profile Access Hollywood tape featuring him speak freely about committing sexual assault and his rampant, incessant sexism. He has singled out women as “nasty” and “willing to do anything” on numerous occasions.

The entanglement of this issue with the Trump team goes even further, since currently-serving Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has been revealed to have helped child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein get mostly off the hook for his crimes. Federal law demanded that the plea agreement be shared with his victims so that they could raise any objections, but instead, Acosta kept the case as low-key as possible, letting Epstein plead guilty to two prostitution charges, serve just over one year in prison, and then walk free.

What consequences Kraft may face for his actions remains to be seen. He has owned the Patriots since 1994, and under his leadership, they have won six Super Bowls, including the most recent one. Over the years, he, head coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady have all palled around with Trump.

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