Trump Administration Moves To Eliminate Special Olympics


As usual, Republicans talk about how much they care about children, but scoff at the idea of spending tax dollars to help them. On Tuesday, the clueless and inexperienced friend of Donald Trump who landed the position of Secretary of Education for no reason anyone can guess announced some deep budget cuts to education. One of the most shocking cuts would eliminate the Special Olympics and the money that goes to special education through that organization completely.

The cuts are part of Trump’s proposed budget, which made every 2016 campaign promise that he made not to touch funding for Social Security and Medicare another massive lie that he told his rabid fanbase. Devos, however, seems to wholeheartedly agree that this is a necessary cut. If Trump’s budget proposal passes, an additional cut of millions of dollars will come from programs to help the developmentally disabled, including those with autism and other disorders.

This news comes at a time with those with developmental disabilities had been invited to the White House to pose for photos with the president and members of his administration. While the current administration played the sympathetic leaders, a plan to cut funding for education programs, disability benefits, and the medical coverage that those with disabilities rely on for medications, physician visits, necessary medical supplies, and aid was already in the works.

Devos made it clear during her confirmation hearing and in interviews that she knows absolutely nothing about education programs and their funding, but apparently she’s just as cruel as she is dense.

Twitter was appalled at the news. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube