Giuliani Crashes & Burns During Wednesday Afternoon Public Meltdown

The president identified his enemies as former director of the FBI James Comey and former head of the CIA John Brennan. When that task was set in motion, the commander-in-chief let loose his attack dog, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, on House Representative Chairs of the Intelligence Committee Representative Adam Schiff (D-MA) and the Judiciary Committee Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY). Giuliani said Nadler had “diarrhea of the mouth.” Then, the TV attorney said that he would “expose his bias:”

‘Jerry Nadler is lashing out personally because on national tv it was easy to expose his bias.Jerry’s (sic) diarrhea of the mouth produced a year of statements showing pre-judgement.His lack of judiciousness was evident when he was overheard on Amtrak prematurely planning impeachment.’

He was on a roll. The president compared Nadler to the hanging judge:

‘Nadler has pre-judged his investigation. He is like the judge who announces I’ll give you a trial, before I hang you. He has rendered his investigation illegitimate based on his injudicious remarks. He has created a legal basis to challenge any subpoena until he is removed.’

Twitter world caught fire. Check out some of our favorites below:

Twitter world lit up. Check some of our favorites below: