Trump Tweets Inflated Fox News Stats & Gets Mocked Relentlessly


It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump is a con who may have pulled off the greatest con in American history. His grandfather ran away from Germany to avoid their draft and ended up on the west coast selling a room to gold miners with a woman included. His father threw poor residents out of their homes in order to raise the rent, gave three-year-old Donald a million dollars to avoid paying taxes, and refused to rent to people of color. Trump’s latest tweet is just another piece of his great con.

The president cherry-picked the polling results to find the one with the highest rating for himself. The White House came up with the Georgetown University poll showing him at an overall approval rating of 55 percent and a 58 percent approval rate on how he has managed the economy. That poll has a +/- margin of error of 3.1 percent, which means Trump could really be at under 52 percent overall and 55 percent on the economy, but here was the con: the real number on this poll was 43 percent. He lied in this tweet:

‘Great news! #MAGA’

Of course, POTUS forgot to mention other vital information in that Georgetown University poll:

‘35% of respondents reported they viewed the country was on the right track, compared to 57% who believed that the current state of affairs is pushing the country in the wrong direction.’

Another polling organization FiveThirtyEight looks at all of the polls. It showed Trump at an approval rating between 51 percent and 39 percent. Polls can be manipulated in many directions. For example, the results that the commander-in-chief boasted about might have just been among Republicans. He did not indicate any range of likeability over a period of time either. These results are far better:

SOURCE: FiveThirtyEight.
SOURCE: FiveThirtyEight.

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