Trump Hints That He Won’t Leave W.H. When His Term Ends


Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned American voters after seeing Trump’s reaction to the Mueller report that he was not likely to respect the outcome of the next election if he’s ousted from power. On Sunday, Trump proved her right.

First, Trump retweeted Jerry Falwell Jr.’s support for adding an additional two years to the Trump presidency because of the inconvenience of the Mueller investigation. If that were how term limits worked, President Obama would have remained in office for 16 years.

Then, Trump tweeted his frightening idea that two years of the presidency had been stolen from him. Actually, he said it had been “stollen,” but his misspelling is not nearly as eye-opening as the implications of what he’s suggesting.

If a good economy kept presidents from being impeached or voted out of office, Bill Clinton would never have been impeached and Richard Nixon would never have felt pressured to resign. That’s not how it works.

A special counsel investigation that lists more than 10 separate incidences of obstruction of justice does not exonerate the president. A long list of moments in which the Trump campaign was receptive to offers of help from the Kremlin does not exonerate the president of unethical and immoral acts. Again, that’s not how this works.

What Trump did was an egregious flouting of U.S. law. All of the people who helped him pull off this feat, most especially Attorney General William Barr, are complicit in his crimes and every single one should be forced to resign their posts or be impeached immediately.

Twitter roundly agreed and made their feelings known. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license