Giuliani Claims George Soros Is Out To Get Him In Bizarre Interview


Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani continues to make a name for himself for all the wrong reasons if he’s trying to boost his team’s credibility or at least that of President Donald Trump. A new interview has emerged in which the former New York City mayor accuses wealthy financier George Soros of being out to get him, although it’s not immediately clear what if any evidence he actually has for this. Republicans have consistently and repeatedly used the very wealthy Soros as a scapegoat for their fear-riddled conspiracy theories.

In conversation with a Ukrainian news outlet about topics including why he cancelled a recently planned trip to the country, Giuliani menacingly explained:

‘I was told by people in my country that I shouldn’t go, because it was a trap that was being worked out with democrats, people loyal to Soros. And now I see that he’s put around them – Kolomoyskiy’s lawyer and a couple of guys who work with Soros. And the message that President Trump would send to him (what I would send to him) was: “It’s not a good idea to surround yourself with enemies of President Trump.”‘

Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky has been globally scrutinized to the point of being accused of contract killings and ending up under investigation by the FBI for possible financial crimes. Giuliani was discussing new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s decision to appoint a lawyer as his chief of staff who’d worked with Kolomoisky — but that kind of altruistic concern that might warrant that discussion is not where Giuliani’s aims end.

He has been beating the drum for some time now that there’s supposedly ample grounds for an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, where when serving alongside President Barack Obama, he successfully helped lobby for the removal of a corrupt chief prosecutor who had at one point investigated an energy firm that Joe’s son Hunter had worked with.

The former vice president who doubles as a leading Democratic presidential candidate these days says he didn’t even know Hunter worked with the firm before media reports about the issue, and Ukraine’s current top prosecutor said recently he had no evidence suggesting any kind of wrongdoing on Joe or Hunter Biden’s part. Giuliani is still pushing the claim that there’s some secret criminal conspiracy all the same — and apparently now George Soros is relevant to his claims, for some reason.

He told that Ukrainian news outlet he was speaking with recently that Marie Yovanovitch — the abruptly dismissed, now former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine — had supposedly been involved in plots against conservatives in the U.S. and in favor of… wait for it… George Soros.

Giuliani insisted:

‘All I can tell you is the things I heard about her. Which is that her embassy was involved heavily in finding dirty information and creating it on people in the Trump campaign. That they were heavily involved in helping Soros – including getting a case dismissed that would hurt him.’

The Washington Post shared quite simply recently:

‘[T]here’s no public evidence that she was directly involved in anything related to [the Biden case], Manafort or providing information to the Clinton campaign that would help it against the Trump campaign.’

Giuliani is again standing before the world and spouting conspiracy theories that might as well have popped up on some random anonymous conservative social media account.

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