Trump Has Full Meltdown In Front Of Polish President & It Was Caught On Video


It’s bad enough when Donald Trump acts up at campaign rallies or on Twitter, but to act like a complete fool during a press conference with another foreign leader looking on is just humiliating. Trump sat for a press conference with Polish president Andrezej Dude on Wednesday and spent the entire time ranting about “fake news,” “fake polls,” and how tariffs are bringing the money rolling into the U.S. Treasury.

He went on his inevitable rant about how unfair the media is to him, saying that they make up advisors and false quotes. The question was about internal polling that showed Trump in trouble in 2020, but Trump said the polls released to the media that his campaign team had reported upset the president were “fake polls.” He then turned and explained the unfairness of the media to the Polish president, who doesn’t care.

‘Much of the media in this country, unfortunately, is corrupt. I have to tell you that, Mr. President. Some of it is excellent. But some is very bad.’

He also bragged about how great a job he did reading from a teleprompter on D-Day, saying that his speech there was praised by all. It was Trump reading a speech someone else wrote for him without straying off into nonsense rants about the media and Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller, because that’s how low the bar is now.

‘[It was] considered a very important speech … some people said it was the best speech ever made by a president in Europe. But I did not say that, I’m just quoting other people.’

He went to display his absolute lack of knowledge about foreign affairs, domestic affairs, and pretty much anything else. For the full press conference, see video below:

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