Justin Amash Responds To Trump Jr.’s AM Attacks Like A Pro


It is almost sad to watch Donald Trump Jr. trying to get his dad’s love. He is always jumping up and down trying to get the president’s attention to no avail. Don Jr. even made himself into his father’s image to the point of having a public affair and divorcing the mother of his five children. As the president’s eldest son campaigns for his father, we can see what he has been doing.

Don Jr. could not help himself from attacking the only Republican who has had the courage, the patriotism, and the integrity to accuse the commander-in-chief of crimes worthy of impeachment. Not even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said that. Instead, she has continued to slow-walk through the thick mud of the court system.

The president’s eldest son went after the lone Republican who has been fulfilling his own oath of office. Donald Trump Jr. promised to campaign against the Michigan representative in this tweet:

‘See you soon Justin… I hear Michigan is beautiful during primary season.’

Don Jr. did not even have a chance. Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) is a bright public servant who just left the ulta-conservative Freedom Caucus. He may even decide to run against the president in what would have to be the upcoming 2020 presidential primary.

Amash tweeted back to the president’s eldest son taking a deliciously sarcastic dig at the Trump Sr. wannabe. The Michigan representative took a direct quote from Don Jr. responding to the Russian’s offer of dirt on then-presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton, “I love it:”

‘if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer’

Twitter world went nuts. Check out some of our favorites below: