Federal Judge Rules Against Trump & Donald Is Raging Again


During Donald Trump’s recent visit the United Kingdom, he made a curious stop in Ireland to meet with the prime minister there. He had no policy agenda during his stop and didn’t seem to know much about what was going on there (even suggesting that a border wall should be built to separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the country while the Irish prime minister corrected him).

Later, it was revealed that Ireland’s prime minister was forced to refuse a request by Trump to meet on his golf resort. He suggested meeting at a castle in Ireland instead, but was turned down. The two met for a press conference at the airport.

Trump’s attempts to profit off the presidency are obviously being noticed by other world leaders, which is what makes an emoluments case against him so obviously necessary. After a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the attorneys generals of Maryland and Washington, D.C. that invoked the emoluments clause recently, Trump’s Department of Justice attempted to have Judge Emmet Sullivan drop the federal case against him, as well. On Friday, he announced his decision to carry on with the case.

CNN reported that:

‘Judge Emmet Sullivan made the decision Friday shortly after the appeals court above him said it wanted to hear the emoluments case. The case had been progressing, with the Democrats sending 37 subpoenas earlier this month seeking financial information about Mar-a-Lago, the Trump International Hotel, Trump Tower and other Trump properties. Those subpoenas had a due date of July 29.’

Judge Sullivan also halted the subpoena issued by the Democrats for further documentation and records from the Trump Organization, which sounds like a win for Trump, but it could also mean that the judges in the appeals court who requested to hear the case feel that there is enough evidence without it.

‘The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said Friday it should hear the case, about the emoluments clause of the Constitution, before the Democrats collect evidence. But the court isn’t ready to hear the case just yet. The panel of three judges directed the Justice Department and the lower court on Friday to take more legal steps, because of legal technicalities, before it will hear the case.’

While it is the Trump scandals around his blatant racism, cover-ups of his extramarital affairs, and shady acts during the 2016 presidential elections that have received the most focus, the emoluments clause may actually have more serious and significant implications for the embattled Trump.

‘It’s the strongest sign yet that the emoluments fight may become one of the most important legal issues about presidential and congressional powers that courts may consider during Trump’s presidency. The issue, legal experts say, is likely to reach the Supreme Court. Few courts in American history have weighed in on how to read the emoluments clause, a section of the Constitution that says no person holding office can accept gifts from foreign states without the consent of Congress.’

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license