‘Moscow Mitch’ Attempts To Tweet & Receives Swift Internet Justice


President Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues have consistently established a very clear set of priorities for themselves — bolstering expressions of ego and “national security,” no matter the human cost. They’ve pushed for increases in military spending and the construction of a whole border wall along these lines, and on Twitter, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to gloss any negative ramifications with a positive recent video message in support of veterans on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The platform that he and his colleagues stand for, however, has not been erased. While he tweets this, Trump continues to treat the possibility of sending numerous more troops to possible death overseas as flippantly as one might treat what they’re going to eat for lunch.

In McConnell’s video message he posted all the same, there’s footage from the Second World War era playing while audio of a prayer apparently offered around the time plays in the background. The Senate Majority Leader comes in and says towards the end:

‘The freedoms we enjoy come at a cost. The heroism of these brave Americans can never be forgotten.’

Apparently, making his message ring hollow, that cost is one that McConnell’s party is totally willing to pay. Just recently, figures like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham have called on national television for the invasion of Venezuela, and Trump has personally targeted other nations including North Korea and Iran with threats of total annihilation or something of the sort.

Anyone concerned for soldiers’ lives or the lives of Americans would do well to stay far away from McConnell’s GOP, which continues to even ignore the domestic gun violence crisis, insisting that we shouldn’t make the situation in which someone spouting the president’s hateful rhetoric killed 20 people into something “political.”

Check out Twitter’s response…

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