Trump Rants About Philly Shooter On Twitter Like A Lame Duck POTUS


Donald Trump knows something about crime. Just walk into his cabinet meetings for a quick view of the swamp creatures. This is what POTUS had to say about the latest mass shooting, this one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He forgot one important item.

Trump did not even mention the weapons and ammunition that the shooter had stockpiled and that let him hold police at bay for nearly seven hours. There were six police officers shot during the event, but none were life-threatening. Trump tweeted:

‘The Philadelphia shooter should never have been allowed to be on the streets. He had a long and very dangerous criminal record. Looked like he was having a good time after his capture, and after wounding so many police. Long sentence – must get much tougher on street crime!’

About that cabinet swamp, the Ethics Office rejected Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin’s 2018 financial disclosure statement, The Washington Monthly reported:

‘…he sold his stake in a movie production company to his girlfriend and then married her, which kind of defeated the divestiture concept [and Emoluments clause in the Constitution].’

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ 2018 financial disclosure statement was rejected, too:

‘[He] broke several laws related to his job overseeing the U.S. Census.’

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke faced federal probes into his “travel, political activity and potential conflicts of interest.” Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt sins were “too extensive to list.”

Trump fired Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen:

‘…for being insufficiently cruel to asylum seekers, but not before her cruelty to asylum seekers made her a household name.’

Both POTUS’ first Health and Human Services secretary and first Secretary of Veterans Affairs were forced out for overuse of private planes. “Ronny the Candyman Jackson” left after Trump nominated him for his Veteran Affairs Secretary, because he was:

‘..a drunk and abusive man known for tossing around prescription medications like the Easter Bunny.’

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta offered human trafficker of underage girls Jeffrey Epstein a mere slap on the hands. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao:

‘…has been criticized for abusing her office to help her father’s shipping business and directing transportation funds to her husband Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) state.

Twitter land lit up. Check out these favorite responses below:

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