Trump Goes On Self-Congratulatory AM Twitter Bender Like Arrogant Loon


President Donald Trump thinks very highly of himself — often at the expense of, well, everyone else. This Friday morning, following a campaign rally in New Hampshire the previous night marked by “high points” like the president of the United States mocking a protester’s weight, Trump got on Twitter to tell himself what a great job he did. Although behind the scenes, he’s at times reportedly raged at former New York City Mayor turned presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani for bumbling public attempts at “defending” him, he was happy to spread melodramatic messages of support from Giuliani to the world on Twitter this Friday. Giuliani (and Trump) went so far as to claim that the president is getting better crowds than anyone, ever — full stop.

Trump added a “Thank you, Rudy!” to a wild Twitter post from the former mayor that read:

I haven’t been at a Trump rally since the 50 or so during the 2016 campaign. These are masterful performances. No one in American politics can excite a crowd like @realDonaldTrump. Very few ever have. This is a unique and potent political weapon.’

Another message Trump retweeted (this time without a caption) read, in part:

‘No one has ever gotten these kinds of crowds. This was the reason he won in 2016 and will again. Don’t tell the dummies in the Fake Media.’

Ah yes — the president of the United States getting on social media to angrily point fingers at “the dummies in the Fake Media.” Just another day in Trumplandia.

To be clear — there is no overwhelmingly compelling reason to think that Trump is, in Giuliani’s estimation, the best campaigner ever in the history of… what, the country? The world? Do they really expect anyone outside of their most devoted base to take them seriously or are they just putting on a show?

Besides the above posts from Rudy, Trump shared others about New Hampshire and his Thursday rally there as well on Friday morning. He also shared a post highlighting the arrest of an undocumented immigrant criminal — which of course, didn’t include any kind of note about crime rates among native-born white Americans to put the criminal in perspective instead of dangling his case like red meat for racists.

Trump topped his shares off with a repost of a quote from himself, reading:

Americans can do anything, go anywhere, and outperform anyone. Nobody can beat us. Nothing can stop us because winning is what Americans do.” —President Donald J. Trump’

Imagine the meltdown that might ensue in the case of him losing the 2020 presidential election.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

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