3 U.S. States Announce Legal Power Move Against Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s people have been delving into the dark corners of the obscure ideas room in search of further ways to go after people of color. Rather than doing the business of the people and keeping this great machine called America running smoothly, the president’s men are tied up in this way. This is the latest entry in Trump’s almanac of crime and punishment.

POTUS wanted to implement changes in the “public charge” rule. It prevented immigrants or refugees from changing their existing status while on publicly funded programs. These included the former food stamp program Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and public health insurance.

Once people have the status of “public charge,” the new rule would mean immigrants could no longer receive green cards, visas, or any other type of legal immigration rating.


New York State Attorney General Letitia James held a press conference announcing three states have joined together to block the administration from limiting “pathways to citizenship.” These states were New York, Vermont, and Connecticut.

The lawsuit went on to list nine instances where Trump’s people tried to:

‘…isolate and exclude Latino immigrants and other immigrants of color.’

NBC reported that would have involved:

‘…rescinding DACA, which protects about 700,000 young immigrants who are working or studying from deportation, a ban to travel to several majority-Muslim countries and terminating temporary immigration protections to people from Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and El Salvador.’

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s definition, “public charge” referred to:

‘…someone who depended on cash assistance or government-funded long-term institutional care, but the new rule expands the definition to include additional benefits such as food stamps, nonemergency Medicaid, certain prescription drug subsidies and housing vouchers.’

The White House defined it as protecting American taxpayers while ensuring:

‘…that noncitizens in this country are self-sufficient and not a strain on public resources.’

The bipartisan research and advocacy organization the New American Economy pointed out that immigrants “pay $405.4 billion” in annual taxes. That meant they help pay for those social services, Medicare, and Social Security.

The lawsuit would block federal agencies from putting Trump’s expanded “public charge” rule in place in mid-October. James said, according to NBC News:

‘Quite simply, under this rule, more children will go hungry, more families will go without medical care and more people will be living in the shadows and on the streets. We cannot and we will not let that happen.’

James also released a statement that read:

‘Generations of citizens landed on the welcoming shores of Ellis Island with nothing more than a dream in their pockets. The Trump administration’s thinly veiled efforts to only allow those who meet their narrow ethnic, racial and economic criteria to enter our nation is a clear violation of our laws and our values.’

In her press conference, James said that there have already been 60 lawsuits against the public charge rule, and they included: “New Mexico, Colorado, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, and Massachusetts.”

James and Attorneys General William Tong of Connecticut and Thomas Donovan of Vermont noted that the expanded rule violated the equal protection rights that the U.S. Constitution guarantees people. The rule not only discriminated against immigrants of color, but it also discriminated against low-income individuals, and people with disabilities in a chilling flashback to 1933.

The German government created the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases.” The propaganda called people with disabilities “useless eaters” and highlighted their burden on society. In all, an estimated 275,000 people with disabilities were eliminated, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The states’ lawsuit’s read that this was the Trump administration’s attempt:

‘…to reduce the population of permanent residents of color in the United States.’

In other words, Trump’s administration has been working to build a whiter U.S.A.

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