Trump Doubles Down On ‘Chosen One’ Remarks Like A Fake Messiah


In just the past week, Donald Trump has become even more unhinged than usual, which is saying quite a lot considering that unhinged is normal state of being. After standing in front of a crowd of reporters he called “fake news” and responding to reports that indicators of an economic recession were seen by economists, Trump insisted that he had to start a trade war with China, looked to the sky, and declared “I am the chosen one.” Now, he’s upset that his words were quoted.

The quote was not some random, offhand comment. In fact, Trump had retweeted a conspiracy theorist named Wayne Allen Root a day before making those statements, and Root referred to Trump as “the King of Israel,” and “the second coming of God.” Following that retweet with a statement like “I am the chosen one” was rightfully seen as problematic and completely unhinged.

Further, there are videos abundantly available online of Trump making the comment and at no time was he smiling. Whether or not he made the comments in seriousness are irrelevant, he’s the president and his words will be reported and debated whether he’s making a joke or not. However, any claim that he was smiling, or that the press was smiling as he berated them and called them “fake news,” is nothing but a lie.

The same man who criticized President Obama’s every word, even making up words that he and his predecessors said, is angry that presidents can be criticized. His vows to no longer trust the media are laughable considering that he’s told the American public that all negative news and polls are “fake news” from the beginning of his presidential campaign, but “I am the chosen one” will go down in history along with “alternative facts,” “the truth is not the truth,” and “what you’re seeing and hearing is not what’s happening” regardless of whether that makes Trump angry or not.

Twitter wasn’t buying the whole “I was only joking” claim. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube