Fox News Host Defects & Trashes Trump Policy Live On Air


Donald Trump has been complaining about Fox News, because some of its hosts believe in ferreting out the real news. Instead, he has been turning to a Russian-owned network America One, which slathers him in vast pro-Trump bits of propaganda. Fox News Sunday stood firm against POTUS once again. Check this out.

The host of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace dared to question the president’s attempt at peace talks. POTUS invited the Taliban to come to Camp David just days before the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers’ anniversary.

Wallace told former President George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove that the Taliban:

‘(Negotiations were) now in question after the president canceled a secret meeting at Camp David. We’re coming up this week on the 18th anniversary of 9/11. What are your thoughts about the president wanting to meet with the Taliban face to face — people with the blood of thousands of Americans on their hands — at Camp David and now calling off the meeting?’

Rove insisted that the move “would be worth it” if U.S. soldiers could come home from  Afghanistan.

When Wallace appeared on “America’s Newsroom” anchored by Bill Hemmer, he noted:

‘I question the whole idea of holding the meeting on the anniversary of 9/11. All respect to Karl, he talked about this deal was going to bring peace, but it wasn’t going to bring peace.’

Walllace continued:

‘There was no national cease fire. There was no assurance that there was going to be a deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban. There was no guarantee that they were going to protect women.’

Wallace explained how he felt about the different candidates:

Joe Biden — and I’m frankly surprised given all the negative press he’s gotten on all of his misstatements, gaffes, shaky performances on the debate stage — he still maintains the lead.’

Biden has been the leader in nearly every poll with Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren basically tied for second place.

Wallace told Hemmer:

‘It’s really a three-person race instead of a five-person race, Warren, Sanders, and of course Biden is the frontrunner.’

Wallace continued:

‘But, will this hold through 2020? “Now, it’s closer in Iowa and much closer in New Hampshire. But, you know, he’s the frontrunner until he isn’t…You can talk — and we do talk — in great length about all of the problems President Trump might potentially have. But, in the end, to quote Joe Biden: “It’s not a choice between him and the Almighty; it’s a choice between him and the alternative.”‘

Wallace has not been the only one surprised that Biden has remained the strongest lead, even though he has been getting so much fatalistic press. They pounce on his debate performance, mistakes, and gaffes.

The next debate for the ten top Democrats will be on ABC Thursday. The network chose to hold them at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. It will be the first time that all of the top contenders (Biden, Warren, and Sanders) will appear together on the stage together.

At the last debates, both the network hosts and the Democratic candidates addressed the difficulties of managing ten people at once.

Check out the entire Fox interview below: