Trump Tweets Bizarre Imagery Ahead Of N.C. Appearance


This Monday, President Donald Trump went down to North Carolina to stump for local Congressional candidate Dan Bishop, who’s running in a special election that authorities called after Republican meddling with ballots tainted the results of a previous one. Before he arrived, though, he of course made sure to chronicle the journey on Twitter, including with an image that isn’t exactly poised to boost an image of Trump as um, a hard worker, although that’s seemingly the intent. It’s on par with a viral image from before his inauguration that is clearly 100% staged and yet was marketed otherwise.

This time — after tweeting about a ceremony at the White House awarding medals of honor earlier in the day — he tweeted, along with a photo of himself holding a phone in some awkward position next to his head:

Speaking to Governor @HenryMcMaster of South Carolina on my way to North Carolina for a big rally for Dan Bishop (@jdanbishop) running for Congress. Vote tomorrow! #NC09′

Sure you were.

When Trump actually got to the rally he was tweeting about, the event promptly descended into a perhaps expected but still wild spectacle.

For instance, when Trump had Bishop himself on stage with him for a moment, the Congressional candidate offered, pointing threateningly at where journalists covering his remarks were and referring to some supposed secret Democratic conspiracy:

‘We’ve seen a dishonest media serve as their handmaidens and their allies in that mission.’

Oh go home. There’s no secret conspiracy against you — people just don’t like the ideas of losing their health care, security, social safety net and more because Trump feels like feeling powerful.

Check out Twitter’s response..

Featured Image via screenshot