Ilhan Omar Makes Impeachment Declaration During ‘Sunday TV’ Appearance


This weekend, prominent progressive Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Minn.) made a somewhat rare appearance on Sunday morning cable news, stopping by CBS’s Face The Nation for a chat with host Margaret Brennan. While there, she slammed President Donald Trump with straightforward assertions about just how far off-the-rails his presidency has really gotten — and how deserving of impeachment she thinks he truly is. Although if he hears of this appearance (and he might, considering conservative attention to Omar), Trump would be likely to flip out with public insults and more — Omar stayed clearly straightforward the whole time, never sinking to that level of his.

Brennan asked her what she thought about the hesitation from some Democratic leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself to actually go forward with impeaching Trump, despite the explicit support for the idea from at this point a significant majority of Democrats in the House, including Omar. The Congresswoman replied:

‘What I’ve always said was it wasn’t if we were going to impeach, it’s when we were going to impeach, and I think it is okay for some people to have hesitations, for other people to catch up to where some of us have been for a really long time, and I think with Chairman Nadler, he understands that we have a Constitutional duty and we must exercise that Constitutional duty.’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has been leading what he’s called an impeachment inquiry that he and colleagues have described as meant to determine at its conclusion whether articles of impeachment against Trump should be recommended to the full House.

House Democrats have already undertaken significant steps to bolster this, including a resolution declaring all committee subpoenas to be backed by the full House and allowing committees to get to taking uncooperative subpoena targets to court faster.

Despite resistance to the idea from plenty on the right, Trump’s well out-of-line behavior is well-documented. If he wasn’t president of the United States, he could right now be facing criminal charges of obstruction of justice.

Yet, conservatives still freak.

Omar added to Brennan, this time discussing recent widely circulated comments she made about a trip to Africa, where she saw dungeons used in the slave trade:

‘I’m only controversial because people seem to want controversy. What I talked about at our panel that was about the plight of black immigrants was about the experience I was having as I went through the dungeons. There were stories that were being told and I talked about how at that moment I had an image of what’s happening in Libya, as people are being sold… and then I talked about the separation stories… how families were being torn apart, how children were being separated from their parents, how husband and wife would be forcibly separated, and then I said that kind of reminded me of what was happening at our border here.’

Just like on the point of Trump’s behavior veering well out-of-line and then some, it’s not exactly arguable that families have been torn apart at the southern U.S. border, and this has had dangerous effects on their conditions. Yet, they freak!

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