New Anti-Trump Billboard Has Donald All In His Feelings


The Democrats have been turning red states blue with moderate candidates and blue states bluer with more progressive candidates. They have their fingers on the pulse of the people. These days, their representatives have stayed too long. Here is someone else who showed up where they were not wanted.

Last night Donald Trump showed up like an uninvited guest in New Mexico and stayed far too long in his rally. Maybe, the president has seen what the Democrats have done and thought that he would try it, too, but why New Mexico? He lost the state by eight points.

Reflective of that, the people of this state put up a large billboard reading:


Go Back To Where YOU Came From.’

One gets the impression the good people of New Mexico did not mean D.C. or New York.

POTUS has been known to pay people to clap for him — at the bottom of his golden escalator in Trump Tower when he announced his candidacy, for instance. This year, he appeared at a plant, and the employees had to stay or they would lose their pay.

The president appeared to hold “a white supremacy rally in disguise” according to The DCTribune. His rally was a presidential 2020 reelection bid. In it, he played the scene out with his traditional rhetoric:

‘…hammering down on his typical racist and hateful rhetoric, which spurred his dwindling but still insane base because they know that four more years of Trump equates to four more years of them being allowed to be complete and total racist douchebags proudly out in the open with absolutely no consequences — the president does it, so why can’t they?’

Afterward, the president posted videos of the rally. According to The Tribune, Somehow, he forgot to mention the billboard. Normally, Trump’s handlers manage to keep the Trump Baby balloon and vast crowds of protestors out of sight. This time, he could not miss New Mexico’s “welcome.”

Twitter world went nuts. Check out these favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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