Post Impeachment Inquiry Trump Approval Polls Show Disaster For GOP


Last week, after months and months of saying it would be detrimental to any chance of a Democrat beating Trump in 2020 and would create even more divide in Washington and America as a whole, Speaker Pelosi and her fellow House Democrats (and even some Republicans) finally decided to stop being complicit and announced that there would be a formal inquiry for Trump’s impeachment.

This comes on the heels of damning evidence being released against Trump, that he had essentially bribed Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, by withholding defense funds unless he dug up dirt on Democratic Presidential candidate and Former Vice President Joe Biden and his family — namely son, Hunter Biden.

With all of this going on, you’d think Trump would choose to be a little more humble in his reaction to the news, but no… he’s been losing his mind on Twitter for several days now, claiming “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” and that this is all a big hoax, among other things we won’t bore you with, and all of that seems to be backfiring on him beautifully, as more and more people are starting to side with Democrats on their decision to impeach.

According to a new NPR-PBS News Hour Marist Poll, public opinion has shifted over the past few days with 49 percent approval for impeachment, against 46 percent who said they disapprove. While this may seem as though it’s pretty evenly split, it’s important to note that these numbers mark a 10 point jump in favor of impeachment over the same survey from April.

According to a report of similar surveys conducted this week:

‘A Politico-Morning Consult survey found a similar bounce in a short period of time, with support for impeachment spiking 7 points in the week since the Ukrainian revelations came to light, although only 36 percent in that poll said they support impeachment, compared to 49 percent who said they oppose it.

‘The latest Hill-HarrisX survey found support for impeachment rising 12 points to 47 percent, against 42 percent who oppose it.

‘And a Harvard CAPS-Harris survey released Thursday shortly before the release of the whistleblower complaint confirmed the upward trend toward impeachment.’

Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris survey, said:

‘The poll shows that the public has serious concern over the Trump actions.

‘These are generally higher numbers than during the Mueller investigation and most consider his actions inappropriate, even if not impeachable.’

One Democratic operative seems to hold tight to previous opinions of Democrats against impeachment and went on record saying:

‘The only poll that will really matter is after the House votes to impeach him. Only then will we know if independents in key states think he should be impeached.

‘If it’s a no, we lose. If it’s a yes, then we have a chance. I think if the election were tomorrow, the ‘witch hunt’ narrative is still stronger than the argument that he’s used his office for personal gain. We’ll see.’

He makes good points, as right now it looks as if the Republican-held Senate will likely acquit Trump of any charges, but all of that remains to be seen as this “inquiry” plays out. With more evidence from this “whistleblower” expected to be released in the coming week, and more and more people shifting towards the side of the Democrats, this may very well work out in our favor.

Fingers crossed…

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