Trump Sits With Finland President & Erupts Into Panicked Rage


Donald Trump is not taking the impeachment inquiry hearings well. As he sits in the Oval Office, he swivel fires 10 times harder at entities he thinks are surrounding him: the Democrats, the media, and others.

House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) called out his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (R). The Democratic House Leadership warned the secretary that if he withheld documents and witnesses, it would be an obstruction of Congress. Schiff said:

‘[I am deeply concerned [with Pompeo’s] efforts now to potentially interfere with impeachment inquiry] witnesses.’

The president was furious. He spat out the poisonous words that Schiff could not carry Pompeo’s blank strap.” Classy.

POTUS’ anger boiled over as he raged for 16 minutes in front of the Prime Minister of Denmark, who sat like a child watching a bad parental fight:

‘We don’t call him shifty Schiff for nothing, he’s a shifty, dishonest guy, who by the way, was critical of one of the great secretaries of states, graduated number one in his class at West Point, graduated one of the top in his class at Harvard Law School — the most honorable person.’

Then, Trump took aim at Schiff and fired:

‘You know, there’s an expression, [Schiff] couldn’t carry [Pompeo’s] ‘blank’ strap, I won’t say it because they’ll say it was so terrible to say, but that guy couldn’t carry his ‘blank’ strap, do you understand that?’

The full press briefing is immediately below, followed by responses from the press:

Those in the media came out with their responses shortly after Trump’s rant. Longtime correspondent for MSNBC and host of Mitchell Reports, Andrea Mitchell tweeted:

‘On POTUS/Oval Office, @kwelkernbc says, “The president said the whistle-blower should be protected if the whistle-blower is legitimate. He’s also taking new aim at Adam Schiff, calling him “Shifty Schiff,” saying it was a perfect conversation.” #AMRstaff

The Washington Post correspondent Anne Rumsey Gearan tweeted:

Per White House pooler @toddgillman in the Oval Office just now: “Trump compared Schiff to Pompeo. “That guy couldn’t carry his blank strap” (the phrase he didn’t say is likely ‘jockstrap’)”‘

White House reporter for CBS Kathryn Watson sent this out:

‘Trump asked about even GOP concerns about threats about the whistleblower: Trump: “I don’t care. I think a whistleblower should be protected, if the whistleblower is legitimate.” Per pooler @toddgillman’

The Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus tweeted:

‘Trump, in the Oval with the president of Finland, says repeatedly of Schiff vs. Pompeo: Schiff “couldn’t carry his ‘blank-strap.’”

Senior political journalist for Vice News Cameron Joseph sent out this tweet:

Helluva White House pool report from the excellent @toddgillman: “Trump compared Schiff to Pompeo ‘That guy couldn’t carry his blank strap’ (the phrase he didnt say is likely jockstrap)”‘

White House Correspondent for The Las Vegas News Debra Saunders tweeted:

Pooler @toddgillman

“Q that even some Republicans are concerned about threats against the whistleblower.”

“I don’t care. I think a whistleblower should be protected, if the whistleblower is legitimate.”

The president’s manner is feisty. Combative.’

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