Hillary Jokes About Trump’s List Of Crimes – MAGA’s Go Nuts


One of the original gutsy women, Hillary Clinton may have a few thoughts about Donald Trump as an impeachment may loom on his horizon. After all, there is a good possibility that Russia handed Trump the win.

She just tweeted about “high crimes and misdemeanors” not indicating whether she meant impeachment or treason:

‘It’s becoming a challenge to keep up with the high crimes and misdemeanors’

Clinton told PBS’ Judy Woodruff in an earlier interview with her daughter Chelsea Clinton on a book tour for the book they co-authored Gutsy Women:

‘It appears that there is evidence of abuse of power and obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress.’

The former secretary of state under President Barack Obama continued:

‘I think that there’s quite a bit of precedent in legal decisions that the Congress has an inherent power to seek evidence from witnesses with respect to their investigations and, most particularly, an impeachment inquiry. I understand that the Trump administration doesn’t want people talking to the Congress. But I recall, Judy, that back in the Nixon impeachment, one of the articles of impeachment against President Nixon was his contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.’

She added that that “at some point…the administration must cooperate:”

‘So I think they can slow-walk it. They can try to block it. There’s already enough evidence about what former Ambassador Sondland was saying about the effort to threaten and extort the president of Ukraine through text messages and e-mails, that, certainly, the House can go on that. But I also think that, at some point, there needs to be a reinforcement of the legal precedent that the administration must cooperate.’

Twitter world went wild. Check out these beauties:

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