Acosta Trolls Mulvaney With Thursday Tweet Shaming


The president cannot bear for anyone to question him or tell him he is wrong. As President Harry Truman said, if a person wants a friend in Washington, buy a dog. Journalists are just doing their jobs. It got low today.

Donald Trump and company have had a hate-hate relationship with the White House chief correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta. The journalist had made a name for himself for his robust questioning.

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney held a news conference, but he blew off worries that the U.S. had pressured Ukraine in a unique way. He said they told Ukraine to dig up dirt on one of the contenders for the presidential election in 2020. So what?

Adding pettiness to insult, he totally refused to call on Acosta. The journalist’s response was beautiful:

‘Mulvaney refusing to take a question from CNN = badge of honor. Thanks Mick!’

Mulvaney said “we do that all the time:”

‘We do that all the time. Get over it. Politics is going to be involved in foreign policy–elections do have consequences.’

CNN’s Jim Acosta addressed that corruption has just become the norm for Trump and his aides.

‘I think that’s probably a pretty remarkable admission coming from the acting Chief of Staff.’

The journalist pinned this to his Twitter account:

‘We are not the enemy of the people. I am not your enemy. You are not my enemy. It is wrong to call your fellow Americans the enemy. We are all on the same team. We are all Americans.’

Acosta tweeted a challenge to Mulvaney’s claims:

“Mr. Mulvaney was referring to Mr. Trump’s discredited idea that a server with Hillary Clinton’s missing emails was being held by a company based in Ukraine.” 

CNN’s Marc Lotter tweeted:

To @CNN@DanaBashCNN and @Acosta – instead of using words like “debunked” and “conspiracy theory” when referencing Ukraine 2016 election meddling, the word you are actually looking for is “CONFIRMED.”‘

Acosta retweeted CNN’s Oliver Darcy:

“This has become the catch-us-if-you-can administration,” @Acosta says on CNN.’

The White House moved on to rude:

‘I hear there’s also a briefing room available as well.’

Then, a journalist captured Trump’s bias toward Fox News:

‘The @WhiteHouse principal deputy press secretary, @hogangidley45, just spoke at length to @foxnews— but says he has no time to answer even a single question on #Turkey or any other subject from the rest of us.’

Twitter world lit up. Take out some of our favorites below:





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