Trump Frantically Fires Off Sunday AM Twitter Antics


House Democrats are continuing their formal impeachment inquiry and overall efforts to uncover the depths of President Donald Trump’s belligerent behavior, and Trump is still freaking out. He insists over and over again that he’s completely innocent, but his endlessly frantic behavior is not that of someone whose record is shiny clean. This Sunday morning, he got on Twitter to rant about an array of topics, including the upcoming 2020 election, efforts by his daughter and adviser Ivanka to secure funding for female entrepreneurs, and — last but not least — the wall. In other words, as this weekend keeps rolling on and the U.S. keeps facing myriad global economic and security challenges — the president is all over the place.

His first retweet was of a rambling video clip by Fox News’s Jesse Watters, in which the host walks through how supposedly easy it’s going to be for Trump to win re-election in 2020. The main evidence included positive economic conditions and a Moody’s Analytics model that predicted Trump’s pending victory. To be clear, though — that model has been wrong before, and poll numbers related to Trump’s presidency remain dismal at best. On average, a full 50.8 percent of Americans support the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and in some individual polls, it’s much higher than that. That’s not the mark of someone cruising to victory!

After also retweeting a message about Ivanka’s funding procurement efforts, Trump shared a link from Fox News claiming “officials” say that “new wall is helping bring border numbers down.” Besides Trump himself, the entire article only quotes one official, and that one official is an agent with the Border Patrol. In other words, there were no local Democrats on board, but that didn’t stop Trump from lying about the article contents and proclaiming:

‘The WALL is making a very big difference. Even Dems in area are happy!’


Trump also dismissed reports as fake news of ongoing fighting in Syria even after striking a ceasefire agreement with Turkish forces, who Trump let come in via abruptly abandoning local allies. The Defense Secretary’s actual name, just to be clear, is Mark Esper.

Check out Twitter’s response below