Trump Makes A Spectacle Of Himself In Criminal Justice Speech


President Donald Trump went to a forum on criminal justice reform this Friday in Columbia, South Carolina, and he promptly descended into rambling rants about the supposed horrors that he and his closest associates have been put through thanks to the Russia investigation. Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended his Russia investigation months ago at this point, but Trump has not moved on — he is so lost in his own ego that he stood before those in attendance Friday at the historically black college hosting the event and proclaimed that “so many people… have been hurt, destroyed, and humiliated in ways that we’ve never seen before in the history of our country” because of the Russia probe.

Remember — as it should go without saying — the United States has endured bloody stains of slavery, segregation, and many related issues. Presidents have literally been shot, including at least one who was shot after campaigning against slavery. Nevertheless, Trump feels free to proclaim that Donald J. Trump, the man who’s entire life has been cushioned by family money and subsequently made a political career out of violently antagonizing marginalized communities, is among those most persecuted in the entirety of U.S. history.

He rambled:

‘We’ll never let up in our efforts to ensure that our justice system is fair for every single American. And I have my own experience! You know that. You see what’s going on with the witch hunt. It’s a terrible thing that’s going on in our country. No crimes! It’s an investigation in search of a crime. It has been going on for longer than I have been in office. It’s true! It happened before I even got here with — remember? — the “insurance policy.” Strzok and Page, the lovers — the two great lovers. The two great lovers, they talked about the insurance policy… That was long before Mueller and that whole deal. We had 18 angry Democrats that hated Trump that were looking at me. They spent $45 million and they found nothing.’


Wrong. From the Russia investigation alone, a full half dozen of Trump’s own associates were hit with criminal charges. His former campaign manager and former personal lawyer are both currently in jail on charges ranging from money laundering to federal campaign finance law violations. And Trump expects us to listen with a straight face to him rant about investigators having supposedly found “nothing”? Seriously?

Additionally, as has been recounted elsewhere — the government actually made money via the Russia probe thanks to all the seized assets.

The rest of Trump’s Friday speech was as rambling as could be expected. He suggested that a “lot of people forget” that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. In what universe are people “forgetting” Abraham Lincoln? Is it the same one in which the Civil War-era anti-slavery crusader Frederick Douglass is only just now getting recognized more and more, like Trump claimed at one event? If this spectacle is the best that Trump and his supporters can come up with, House impeachment investigators have it easy.