McCarthy’s Face When Trump Gets Booed At UFC Fight Goes Viral Fast


Ever wonder what a person’s face looks like at the moment they realize they bet their entire future on the wrong guy? Republican senators and representatives have stood behind the president, walking in lockstep. In spite of what history will say about their wrong-headedness, cowardly, and addiction to power, these predominately male politicians may be having second thoughts.

For the third time in a week, Donald Trump has been booed at sporting events. The American Nationals worked their way toward their first World Series win since 1924, and POTUS worked his way toward public humiliation. He was booed in person during the Nationals’ fifth game and after Trump’s revenge ad via the jumbotron at the seventh game. Yet, the president did not face the boos alone.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sat at the president’s side at the baseball game. Then Saturday night at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Trump took a handful of his most trusted Republican allies with him, once again including McCarthy. The UFC members were his people. Or were they?

At first, Trump thought he was being cheered by a group that should have been his very own. Then, it dawned on him and McCarthy that the people were booing and jeering. There should have been a flood of clapping, but people did not do as the president expected. McCarthy got it, and it probably felt really bad.

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Protesters stood outside of Madison Square Garden and the UFC:

‘Protesters gathered outside Madison Square Garden, where President Donald Trump was set to attend UFC 244. More on tonight’s fight from @APgelston: — AP Sports (@AP_Sports) November 3, 2019’

POTUS’ advisers told him to take a box, but he disagreed and sat among “his” people at the Madison Square Garden pay-per-view mixed martial arts event This was supposed to be a break from a bad week filled with impeachment news. After all, this was a blood-sport occasion, and Trump had been involved with the UFC since 2001, according to NBC News.

After the crowd’s unwelcome, McCarthy sat appearing as if he was focused on the game. Yet, he did not react where one would have expected him to react. This should have been a group as addicted to the president as his rally members. Yet, it was not.

The minority leader probably expected them to cheer for Trump after the military took down the leader of ISIS in Syria this week. He was wrong. The last straw occurred when Trump ended a decade of military and diplomatic efforts with one phone call. The president abandoned our most trusted allies in the Middle East, the Kurds. They fought beside members of the military and lost 11,000 members of their ferocious fighters in the effort.

McCarthy had put all of his political eggs in the Trump basket, and finally, the Republicans had had enough. That may mean that they will turn to the Democratic alternatives in the 2020 election. The thing that hurt the most was that supporting the president would jeopardize the Republican House members’ own elections.

Other Republican members with the president at the UFC included: House Leader Representatives Peter King (R-NY)and Mark Meadows (R-NC).

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