Rand Paul Flubs Constitutional Quote & Gets Mocked To Death


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is an interesting sort of guy. He did not take care of his lawn, and his neighbor had had enough. The guy beat the senator up, and Paul sustained some noticeable injuries. For some reason, Paul has succumbed to the siren call of Donald J. Trump.

The Hill tweeted a question asking why the libertarian senator wanted to out a whistleblower from the impeachment inquiry, who is protected due to “irresponsible and dangerous” consequence. The Kentucky politician’s response was a suggestion to look at the Constitution’s “Sixth Amendment:’

‘Question: “Your colleagues, Republicans, say that it’s irresponsible and dangerous for your call to out the whistleblower.”

Sen. @RandPaul: “You’ve heard of the Constitution, right? The Constitution has the Sixth Amendment.”‘

There was just one problem with Rand Paul’s premise. Contributing writer for EatPrayVote, John Thorsson had a suggestion for the junior senator from Kentucky, Paul aka “Dumbass:”

@RandPaul might want to read the 6th amendment again, chief. It talks about “criminal defendants” in civil cases. For a libertarian, you sure are a dumbass when it comes to the constitution. Your father must be so disappointed in what you’ve made of the movement he left for you.’

Twitter world went nuts. Take a look at these favorites below:


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