Pence’s Hometown City Council Just Got Flipped Blue


As Vice President Mike Pence stands gazing lovingly at Donald Trump, it might be hard to imagine that he was not a very well-liked governor. Some Indiana politicians were surprised that the president would choose him. It was a decent-indecent combination.

The president has been ensnarled in an impeachment inquiry. If the Senate forced Trump out, Pence would step into his job. However, everyone around this POTUS seems to get caught, too. The impeachment hearings have already implicated the not white-as-snow religious conservative.

Democrats have soared in popularity in the VP’s hometown of Columbus, CBS affiliate WTTV wrote. For the first time since 1983, Democrats will hold a City Council majority. Local people could see through the vice president’s words and rebelled.

While Pence was Indiana’s governor, he supported an unsuccessful amendment that would have made it legal for state-supported medical centers to turn away a “dying woman who needed an abortion.”

Columnist for the Indianapolis Star Matthew Tully wrote that the then-governor did not apply for an $80 million grant for a pre-kindergarten education program. According to The New Yorker, he finally capitulated. Tully wrote:

‘[Pence had a] fatal flaw. [He was] too political and ideological. His focus was on the next step up, not the job at hand.’

As governor Pence, claimed he was against the gaming industry when he was still governor, and Indiana banned this source of political contributions. Interestingly enough, Pence received generous donations from casino owners that were fed through a third source. He also authorized several of their requests such as riverboats moving ashore.

Last Tuesday, the local elections indicated that the Democrats won 4-3 in the Columbus City Council majority. Republican Councilman Dascal Bunch might ask for a recount, however. The vote was 259 votes for him and 260 for his Democratic candidate Jerome Wood.

Apparently, the change was the result of more young candidates who were committed to patriotic change coming forward.

Columbus Republican Major Jim Lienhoop ran unopposed in 2019. He noted that the city’s leaders typically worked across the aisle.

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