Trump Finishes Sunday Shows & Has Hysterical 3-Tweet Hissy Fit


In coming days, House Democrats will be hosting witnesses for the first public testimony in the impeachment inquiry, and President Donald Trump is clearly feeling the heat. As those hearings approach, he took to Twitter this Sunday afternoon to dig into his previous position that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever for concern about his plot to get Ukraine to produce politically damaging intel about the Bidens. Trump is constantly in rally mode, in that he seems always ready to spout out belligerent, brazen lies about the situation.

Misrepresenting actual history and the actual nature of the situation that’s unfolding, he tweeted:

‘Corrupt politician Adam Schiff wants people from the White House to testify in his and Pelosi’s disgraceful Witch Hunt, yet he will not allow a White House lawyer, nor will he allow ANY of our requested witnesses. This is a first in due process and Congressional history!.. The call to the Ukrainian President was PERFECT. Read the Transcript! There was NOTHING said that was in any way wrong. Republicans, don’t be led into the fools trap of saying it was not perfect, but is not impeachable. No, it is much stronger than that. NOTHING WAS DONE WRONG!’

He also posted a quote from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who had also insisted that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in the president’s whole Ukraine plot. In the quote, Graham even insists that Democrats are neglecting other responsibilities of their positions as leaders, which seems willfully ignorant of the hundreds of bills that House Dems have passed and Senate Republicans have refused to consider.

That’s not at all where the issues end, though. Trump’s suggestion that the White House must be able to have a lawyer sitting there next to essentially whoever House Democrats want to talk to is outlandish on its face. There’s no deep state conspiracy here — there’s just a presidential administration absolutely desperate to protect whatever is left of their public image, which really isn’t much at this point.

Check out Twitter’s response below…