Rand Paul Tailspins Into Bizarre Trump Rant On CNN Sunday


The men and women in Congress who defend Donald J. Trump tend to be very outspoken and almost combative against everyone. They appear to run passionate hot and irrational cold. They seem to have forgotten that we are fighting for our very democracy instead of individual Congressional seats. It is almost as if Trump has cast a spell over the GOP.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) went on Jake Tapper’s CNN show State of the Union. Tapper simply asked whether Donald Trump was actually concerned about corruption, given how many in the close circle around the president have been convicted of felonies. Many of these people still work for POTUS.

The CNN host wanted Paul to talk about Trump seeking an investigation against Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The president already released a summary of his phone conversation with the new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelendky:

‘So you’re saying that you think that President Trump was actually doing this because he was combatting corruption?’

Paul tried to respond with a repeat canned statement, but Tapper stopped him:

‘This is where Paul Manafort, Michael Cohan, former campaign adviser Roger Stone, Rick Gates, former associate George Papadopoulos — all convicted of federal crimes.’

Tapper continued:

‘In addition, last year Trump University settled a $25 million fraud lawsuit, last month President Trump admitted misusing his own charity foundation fund and ordered to pay $2 million. You really think president trump is concerned about rooting out corruption?’

Then, things got weird. Paul ignored Tapper’s questions and instead linked the “Russian conspiracy” to all the U.S. president’s convicted men. Of course, Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) handled the issue.
Paul began spinning out as Tapper questioned him. The senator began a rant, addressing “foreign corruption” and “giving Ukraine foreign aid.” Paul blasted these points without taking a breath, so that CNN’s guy could not slip in a quick question. Paul effectively blocked Tapper.

Check out the interaction between Tapper and Paul below:

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