Trump Launches Pre-Dawn Impeachment Induced Mental Breakdown


Today is impeachment day. This is a grave day, an historic day. It is a day of patriotism and of great courage for many. Donald J. Trump was invited to testify, but he refused and also refused to send his attorneys. Instead, this is how he chose to respond — with tweets missiles.

Unfortunately, Senate Majority Mitch “Grim Reaper” McConnell (D-KY) has been working for power rather than the country and vowed to blow the Senate trial apart. They say Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a chess player. If a person controlled the Senate leader, the attorney general, and the House Intelligence chair/minority leader he or she might control the nation. If that person wound up a con artist and set him to tearing down U.S. institutions, he might control America.

Yet, Americans have a voice and can speak to their senators. Trump has his Twitter generator calling for a “trivial” impeachment:

.@foxandfriends “My hope is that impeachment will never become this trivial again.” @kilmeade Well said Brian!’

POTUS said he was astounded:

Can you believe that I will be impeached today by the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, AND I DID NOTHING WRONG! A terrible Thing. Read the Transcripts. This should never happen to another President again. Say a PRAYER!

Then, he tweeted out his innocence:

“They just wanted to get at the President. They had no intention of having a proper investigation. They couldn’t find any crimes so they did a vague abuse of power and abuse of Congress, which every administration from the beginning has done.”

Next, he called himself “a gentleman.” Really? With his language and rages? No:

‘“It’s sad. Here’s a gentleman who came to the White House and all they had was never to let him have an easy breath. All they wanted to do is impeach him. They started the day after he was elected, even the day after he was sworn in. But this President came to Washington and….’

Trump was creating his fairy tale:

‘….said, “I’m going to clean up Washington, I’m going to help people.” He gave big tax cuts, he’s made our military strong. They’re mad at him because he actually did what he said he was going to do. History will record we’re experiencing some of the best times we’ve ever…..’

The president portrayed himself as a superhero:

‘….had, while the Democrats are just looking out for elections. This President should just continue to fight like he’s always fought, for himself & for this Country. Continue to put forth policies like prescription drugs & trade policies. That’s what makes this President stand..’

After that, Trump called out his supporter, House Judiciary Committee Minority Leader Doug Collins (R-GA):

….out, and he’s been amazing at it. The Democrsts (sic) have no message, they have no hope for 2020.” @RepDougCollins @foxandfriends Thank you Doug!’

Here was his man Moscow Mitch:

‘BREAKING: McConnell shoots down Schumer impeachment demands’

Next, he retweeted Justice Neil Gorsuch on Fox News:

Liberals Embarrassingly Upset About Neil Gorsuch Saying “Merry Christmas”‘

Next, POTUS called Sean Parnel a “great patriot:”

‘Sean is a great patriot and will do a fantastic job. Has my total and complete endorsement!’

He retweeted truthseeker calling the impeachment a “hoax:”

It’s not even a trial… It’s a farce, based on a hoax charge.’

Next, he called Sean P a “stronger candidate:”

‘Sean P is a much stronger candidate!’

Twitter world lit up. Check out how bright this heroic impeachment day shines in history among the people below:

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