Sunday Morning Mass Shooting Hits 13 People


The number of mass shootings in America has risen to an average of one a day. Now, shootings make the news only when they claim a startling number of victims. Unfortunately, that just happened on the South side of Chicago.

The house party started to go wrong when a dispute occurred. The result was that it claimed 13 victims. They ranged from 16-years-old to 48-years-old, according to the Chief of the Chicago Police Bureau of Patrol Fred Waller. There were four shooting victims who had been “hospitalized in critical condition,” CNN reported. These included the 16-year-old.

The incident started at about 12:35 a.m. Sunday mornings: Waller said this was a memorial party for a person who was killed in April but was still “developing details:”

‘This incident stemmed from a dispute within that party. This party was given in the memory of a subject that was slain in April. We’re still developing details as far as that goes.’

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Waller said that once the shooting began in three various locations, people tried to escape:

‘Shots were fired within the residence, which caused everyone to start to leave.’

Waller continued, explaining there was a vehicle driving by:

‘Then a vehicle was driving down the street. One of the people also who left the residence fired upon this vehicle. We had three different scenes, all within a close proximity.’

Then, Waller said police observer devices (POD) were vital in assisting the police officers to view what happened after the fight overflowed into the yard. Waller indicated that the shooting  became random:

‘We can’t tell from inside who was firing. But from outside, definitely it was two different shooters. It looks like they were just shooting randomly at people as they exited the party. This is an isolated incident.’

Thus far, the police have not identified any of the suspects. However, they do have two persons of interest in custody. One of the two suspects was shot in the melee, Waller indicated. The second person had not been shot but did have a weapon on his person when he was arrested.

The incident was still being investigated. Thus far, the police do not have the reason for what led to the shooting. Waller indicated that the incident did “not seem to be gang-related.”

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