New Trump Approval Polls Released Confirm 2020 Blue Wave


Despite the endless stream of public complaints from President Donald Trump and his allies about Democrats who’ve dared to try and hold the president accountable for his well-documented corruption, public opinion is remaining pretty solidly against the president. Now, even one of his favorite pollsters — Rasmussen Reports, whose results often skew in favor of Republicans — has a new set of data that’s bad news for the president. According to the Friday edition of their daily presidential approval tracking, the portion of Americans who approve of Trump has hit 46 percent, which is the lowest level since he was impeached. Making the situation even worse for Trump — only 35 percent of respondents “strongly approve” of the job he’s doing, and how’s he supposed to win an election with those numbers?

In the latest polling, a full 53 percent of respondents actively disapprove of the job that Trump is doing, and 44 percent of respondents overall “strongly disapprove” of the job he’s doing, making his overall deficit striking. In terms of the most intense respective stances, he’s losing by nine percent, and overall, he’s losing by seven percent. Not a good look for someone trying to win re-election!

The last time in Rasmussen’s polling that Trump’s approval rating hit 46 percent was on December 2. Other pollsters show more straightforwardly dismal news for the president. On average, according to RealClearPolitics, only about 44.4 percent of voters approve of the job that Trump is doing in office, while an average of a full 52.1 percent of voters disapprove. Earlier this month, a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll pinned his approval rating at just 39 percent, and it’s about the same story from there.

That hasn’t stopped the president from freely proclaiming that he’s on some kind of solid path to re-election. In connection to a mid-October rally, he proclaimed on Twitter:

Tonight, we forcefully condemn the blatant corruption of the Democrat Party, the Fake News Media, and the rogue bureaucrats of the Deep State. The only message these radicals will understand is a crushing defeat on November 3, 2020!’

In other words, Trump remains intent on utilizing a desperate, scorched earth approach ahead of the 2020 elections. Even as the evidence implicating him in plots like a scheme to get dirt on his opponents from Ukraine continues to pile up, he’s refusing to let go of his egomania.

Still, other polling also shows how thin the ice really is that he’s standing on. A recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll had a full nine percent more respondents in favor of removing Trump than opposed. Other recent polling showed three and four percent leading margins for removal and repeated ties — none of which is anywhere near the kind of overwhelming support that Trump and his allies claim.

Heading into the 2020 election itself, although there has been some variance, recent polling has also shown every single one of the leading Democratic presidential candidates beating Trump. Currently, Joe Biden has the largest average leading margin, at 4.5 percent when pitted against Trump on the national level. That lead comes despite Trump’s relentless attempts to drag the former vice president on completely baseless allegations of corruption.