Schiff Upstages Trump With Instantly Viral Twitter Trolling


Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has recently emerged in the House as one of the true stars of the Democratic party. As chair of the Intelligence Committee, he presided over the impeachment hearings. Now he is bringing attention to Donald Trump’s incompetence. Remember when the Iranians used to be the irrational ones?

Schiff tweeted last night about the president’s “danger to national security.” He noted how the Trump administration was dysfunctional. It sent a letter to the Iraqi government saying our “forces are withdrawing.” That was probably due to a lack of communication and staffing:

‘Why is a disorganized and chaotic Administration such a danger to national security? This actually happened: They sent a letter — by mistake — to the Iraqi government to inform them our counter-ISIS forces are withdrawing. The dysfunction starts at the top.’

Early this morning, Schiff focused his tweet on Trump’s “dangerous and provocative decision” to threaten attacks on Iranian cultural sites. He noted that during this presidency, Congress must take up the mantel of “national security process” and provide “constraints:”

‘A dangerous and provocative decision to target a top Iranian official for killing. Threats to bomb cultural sites and use disproportionate force. These are the acts of a President with no functional national security process. Congress must engage with hearings and constraints.’

Twitter world caught fire. Take a look at how Americans responded to one of the top Democratic stars below:

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