Trump Admin Attacks Lev Parnas’ Credibility Right On Schedule


Donald Trump has an unusual way of responding to illegal accusations — emotionally rather than thoughtfully. When President Richard Nixon was impeached, he handled the matter with honor and responsibility. He fessed up to his acts and expressed contrition. On the other hand, the sitting president does just the opposite. He becomes angry, and as First Lady Melania Trump told the nation, he hits back 10 times harder.

The White House was dismissive of Rudy Giuliani’s bagman Lev Parnas. The naturalized citizen was certainly no boy scout, but he was the type of person Trump has drawn to him. The man in the Oval Office disregards the nation’s laws and norms which have been based upon those laws.

Trump has been a lawless president. Parnas was all wrapped up in the scheme that the commander-in-chief cooked up with Giuliani. The scheme was to get the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to open an investigation. Later Zelensky just had to announce the investigation into the man Trump thought was his top opponent in the 2020 presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Parnas was born in the former Soviet Union. He made his home in Florida and was a business associate of the president’s personal attorney. The Southern District of New York (SDNY) indicted Parnas, and he has been out awaiting trial. Perhaps, in hopes of reducing his sentence, Giuliani’s man released reams of evidence to the House investigators.

The House released 60 pages of the ground-shaking evidence to the public. Then, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show interviewed the business associate on Wednesday.

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told Fox News on Thursday:

‘This is a man who’s under indictment and who’s actually out on bail. This is a man who owns a company called Fraud Inc., so I think that’s something that people should be thinking about. We’re not too concerned about it.’

In response, multiple White House officials attacked Parnas’s credibility, accused him of seeking attention on anti-Trump media outlets. They pointed to Trump’s denials that he ever knew the businessman despite the two appearing in photos together.

As the president is wont to do, the White House attacked Parna’s character. A grade school nickname is sure to follow. Grisham continued:

‘It’s unfortunate that he’s now making a media tour with a lot of the outlets that are, you know, against the president. I think that shows exactly what he’s doing.’

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway referred to Parnas as “desperate.” She added that the media was promoting him:

‘He’s desperate, and it looks like he’s facing some serious criminal charges.’

Grisham said.

‘I’ve got to say, just to say Rudy told me these things doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with the president, and it certainly doesn’t mean the president was directing him to do anything We stand by exactly what we’ve been saying. The president did nothing wrong.’

Parnas released a letter with Giuliani’s signature indicating that Giuliani was acting with Trump’s “knowledge and consent.”

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