Giuliani Goes On Conspiracy Theory Rampage On Fox & Friends


No matter the ongoing Senate impeachment trial targeting his client President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani is continuing to dive headfirst into wild conspiracy theories about Ukraine and the Bidens. During an appearance on Fox & Friends this Friday morning, Giuliani railed on and on about supposed bribes going all sorts of directions in some kind of dastardly scheme orchestrated in part by the Bidens to protect a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch, and themselves, or something. The hosts repeatedly tried to cut in and get Giuliani to stem the flow of his nonsense, to no avail.

There’s no apparent evidence for Giuliani’s claims, but he seems to be insisting that Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter worked to protect the riches of that oligarch in a scheme that even included a supposed bribe to the Ukrainian president.

Giuliani ranted:

‘All of a sudden Biden has announced the most important guy in Ukraine, he is going to give out the money, then he hires Biden’s son. Do you know what happened in between? He made a deal with Biden, you be on board against Poroshenko taking my company, when they move to take the company. That’s when Biden came in and had the prosecutor fired, and within four months the crooked oligarch sitting with $5 billion comes back to the Ukraine, he is not prosecuted. He is sitting there fat and happy with his company.’

Giuliani went on to sound like he was completely making things up out of thin air. Based on his expressions, it seems like he came up with the dollar amount of the bribe he alleges that the Ukrainian president got right there on the spot!

He continued:

‘You don’t think the president of the Ukraine shared in that $5 billion that the crook kept?The bribe to the president of the Ukraine, the amount of money I can’t be absolutely sure of. Let’s say well in excess of $10 million.’

If we’re just going on what we feel like saying now, then let’s say… Giuliani is under federal investigation for possible very serious crimes! And his client Trump is impeached over a scheme that Giuliani helped with to bribe Ukraine into investigating this chaotic web of conspiracy theories! And yet, Giuliani is still going anyway.

As he pompously put it:

‘Am I going to cover it up the way the Democrats and media cover it up? Absolutely not. I prosecuted too many corruption cases to sit by and watch my country sold out by a vice president who did it two other times, at least, in China.’


No, Rudy — these alleged bribes do not exist. Joe Biden did not sell anyone out. When he put pressure on Ukrainian authorities who happen to have looked at that oligarch’s company, he was doing what many fellow world leaders were also doing.

Trump has stayed right there with Giuliani. He tweeted:

‘More than anything else, the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, like AOC, Omar, Cryin’ Chuck, Nervous Nancy & Shifty Schiff, are angry & “deranged” over the fact that Republicans are up to 191 Federal Judges & Two Great New Supreme Court Justices. Don’t blame me, blame Obama!’