Pam Bondi Faces Wide Mockery For Monday Trial Antics


This Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump’s defense team took the stand in the Senate impeachment trial to try and make their boss’s case. It didn’t go well, at least in terms of whether or not they seem to have made a case compelling to anyone at all who wasn’t already all-in for the president. In a particularly grossly wild highlight, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi launched into a tirade about the supposed corruption that the Bidens were involved in that supposedly necessitated Trump’s attempt to bribe Ukraine into investigating them. The wild part is — Bondi herself accepted a large “donation” (meaning apparent bribe) from Trump shortly before she abruptly abandoned an investigation into one of his schemes. The president’s team’s brazenly belligerent cover-up went on from there.

Bondi attracted a whole lot of attention for her hypocrisy. As she pompously led with at one point:

‘Here’s what happened very shortly after Vice President Biden was made U.S. point man for Ukraine. His son Hunter Biden ends up on the board of Burisma.’

Well, here’s what happened when Bondi’s office as Florida Attorney General was confronted with the facts of Trump’s completely fraudulent “educational” venture called Trump University, which had no relationship to any kind of actual university whatsoever — she abruptly received a $25,000 donation from Trump’s supposedly charitable foundation (which has since ceased operations) and she dropped any further interest in the Trump University scheme.

Other high points of hypocrisy from her Monday Senate floor rants include a diatribe that she delivered against nepotism, as if she’s completely unaware of the large number of the president’s own family members who work for his administration and campaign. None of the president’s family members have any more prior political experience than he did — which is none — but Ivanka, her husband Jared, and others are hard at work doing who knows what anyway!

For Bondi and the president’s other defenders to resort to completely glossing over these facts constitutes another smoke and mirrors tactic. Rather than addressing the fact that Trump tried to bribe Ukraine into investigating the Bidens, they’re trying to convince observers that the hoped for investigations were legit in the first place. There’s no evidence for this.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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