Hillary Shows Up Trump With Twitter Message To America


Think of all of the women who have led their countries admirably and heroically. So why do the people refuse to vote for a woman? When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran, she lost against a former reality star. How could that happen and will a woman rise up to meet POTUS?

“Clinton tweeted ‘the only remedy’ was to ‘vote in overwhelming number.”…in November:

‘With their votes to make the American president accountable to no one, Republican senators have put the interests of one president over the interests of all Americans. The only remedy now is for us all to vote in overwhelming numbers to replace them—and him—in November.’

History has shown the pattern of change: moving from accepting a black man for president with men of both parties  abandoning the Republican Par )nd then accepting a woman. It must be the year a woman accepted the bruised government’s CEO position.

There have been several good candidates Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) have been in the top tier. It appeared that whoever won would throw their votes against POTUS. Only former Vice President Joe Biden took the men up on their challenge yet.

Twitter world went wild with Clinton’s comment. Take a look at them and see what you think:

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