Pelosi Calls Trump Out For Mishandling Coronavirus


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is arguably the most powerful woman in the United States. She is second in line to the presidency, but beyond that, there is no doubt she is a fearsome contender. Unfortunately for him, Donald Trump is on her list.

She spoke to reporters on the Hill and gave Trump a no-nonsense message. She accused him of minimizing the effect of COVID-19 also called coronavirus. After all, it has been found in 17 states and counting, while the president casts about for someone to blame. He found that someone in President Barack Obama.

However, there was no excuse for Trump’s administration’s poor rollout of the testing process. The White House has known about the virus far longer than the public, but it appeared to be frozen in place. Then, when Trump’s people did take action, the first diagnostic tests were faulty. Finally, by Thursday, the tests appeared to be well-distributed and the administration had plans for expanding needs.

Pelosi raised five children and as the only girl with six older brothers, she had no trouble telling Trump what he needed to do. Keep it simple, keep it true, and admit it when you are wrong:

‘We have to dispel some of the misinformation that has been put out there.’ When the president says there are only 15 [cases], and there are four or five times that many at that time — there are more now — that’s just not right.’

The Speaker lit into Trump’s falsehood that there were only 15 cases of the virus at the time. Actually, there were already 60 cases, and that number has shot up to 177. According to Johns Hopkin University, the virus has claimed 11 individuals.

She also questioned POTUS’ comment to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that most Americans who catch coronavirus would get well “just by … sitting around and even going to work:”

‘No, there are other guidances that should be out there.’

Then, Pelosi came down hard on what Trump said Wednesday in the White House. He blamed President Obama for a vague policy as the reason this administration was unable to send out the test kits:

‘The reality is in the public domain. Right now it’s about how we go forward, recognizing that … we were on a path that wasn’t working. But not blaming it on somebody else, but taking responsibility for it now.’

Pelosi gave Trump another shake:

‘[These efforts must be] based on science, and evidence, and fact, and truth and the true epidemiology of coronavirus — of where it exists and how it spreads. These viruses know no boundary.’

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) wore a gas mask to the House floor as a very poor joke. Later he tweeted “America is armed” with world-class scientists:

‘The country can take great comfort in the fact that @realDonaldTrump has built teams to solve problems his entire life. America is armed with some of the best scientists in the world and in a better position to address coronavirus under @POTUS’s leadership.’

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