Ivanka Suffers Wednesday Shaming After Corona Bailout Tweet Goes Wrong


After days of negotiations, the Trump administration and Congressional leaders struck a deal in the very early hours of the morning on Wednesday to provide economic relief to sectors across the economy that have been hit hard by attempts to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. The public did not immediately get access to the actual text of the bill, but Ivanka Trump was among those to share details of the provisions anyway. She faced criticism for hypocrisy — and a meaning-changing typo — in response to her Wednesday morning tweet praising the proposal.

She shared initially that the “White House & Congress have reached a relief deal adding Trillions into the… economy to help our families & small biz,” which includes provisions like “$350B+ for small biz to keep payroll,” “$1,200 to ppl making >$75K to care for their families,” “4 mo. of expanded unemployment benefits,” and $100 billion in support for hospitals. She appears to have meant that the direct payments for individuals would be for those making less than $75,000 a year — the symbol she used means more than.

There are significant changes from Democratic proposals that substantively lower the support for working families, although that didn’t appear to restrain Ivanka’s praise. The proposal from House Democrats, for example, called for $1,500 payments to individuals. rather than the $1,200 amount.

It’s unclear what role Ivanka herself may have had in developing any of these provisions at all. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin served as the point person for the Trump administration during negotiations with Congress. According to Senate Democrats, they actually secured language in the final version of the bill that keeps any of the bailout money from going to Trump family businesses.

Check out Twitter’s response below…