Trump Gaffes Hard During Meeting With Virus Survivors


Donald Trump treats illness as a weakness. He wanted to project strength, so he made a point of shaking hands when the coronavirus first started making the news. There is an interesting dichotomy given that the president is a self-described germaphobe. His next move was a surprise.

POTUS invited eight people who had recovered after their diagnosis of coronavirus. His guests came from Arkansas, California, and Michigan. Trump’s people arranged for their travel from their homes to the White House.

Each of them had to take a coronavirus test before they could come near the president or vice president. That is standard practice at this time.

A Michigan state lawmaker Karen Whitsett (D) described the ongoing fight against the virus in her state, saying she knew people with the disease who had difficulty getting into a hospital. She also urged officials to make hydroxychloroquine more readily available, claiming that Trump’s recommendation was responsible for her getting well.

Unfortunately, many physicians consider the drug dangerous if not taken for its initial uses, Lupus and rheumatism. Taking it could cause death. Still, Whitsett said, according to The New York Post:

‘Had you not brought this to the forefront … I wouldn’t be here today even having this conversation with you and being able to talk about the needs of Detroit.’

Trump interrupted her:

‘I don’t see her voting for Sleepy Joe Biden. I’m not gonna ask her that question. If she votes for Sleepy Joe I’d be surprised.’

One of the men said he was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He said that was when he discovered he had the virus. His temperature moved to 103 degrees and just walking around a room and talking on the phone was enough exercise to take his breath away.

A resident of California Darshin Patel said he was frustrated he could not obtain a test when he first started showing symptoms. Trump asked him:

‘How did you compare this to the flu?’

Patel said:

‘Never felt these symptoms before for this long.’

Trump was particularly interested in the details of their cases:

‘So a bigger, better, much worse event for you.’

One woman who attended the meeting said she tested negative for the virus five days ago, adding that she felt she was about 85 percent recovered.

Trump joked:

‘Stay away from me, please.’

Monday, POTUS said only he had the authority to reopen the country to commerce. The governors disagreed and rightfully so. They have the Constitutional authority to make that decision.

The president announced that he had comprised the officials who would serve on the Coronavirus Council. Since then, the internet has had some fun at his expense.

The Forbes Magazine’s headline read “The Internet Gleefully Mocks Trump’s Coronavirus Council. Trump had no scientists or physicians on it. Instead, he peopled it with members of his Cabinet. The meme below appeared in Forbes and was created by illustrator and comic book writer Rob Sheridan:

Screen-Shot-2020-04-14-at-2.49.45-PM Trump Gaffes Hard During Meeting With Virus Survivors Donald Trump Featured Healthcare Politics Top Stories

As of Tuesday afternoon, America had 602,846 confirmed cases of the virus with 25,162 deaths so far.

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