Kellyanne Conway Goes Full Racist During Wednesday Interview Debacle


Kellyanne Conway and her husband George Conway must have an interesting relationship. He is a well-known Washington DC attorney, Trump critic, and co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. Looking in from the outside of their marriage, their arguments could well draw blood.

Ever Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, either defending her boss’ racial insults or jumping on any brave reporter who dares to bring up the subject of racism. She just landed on CBS reporter Weijia Jiang who refused to give up her source.

Jiang said that the term “kung flu” is not an exact reference to China. Then, Conway attacked, according to The POLITICO:

”How do you know that people aren’t anticipating that or not connecting that? While the president is saying it, he’s also saying this virus came from China.’


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Conway has reacted to President Donald Trump’s use of “kung flu” first by explaining that Trump used the phrase to highlight the origins of the coronavirus in China — and then by suggesting she disagreed with him.

Weeks ago, Conway blasted the phrase as “highly offensive.” But on Wednesday, she initially reacted to a reporter’s question about the president’s repeated use of “kung flu” by criticizing the Chinese government.

Earlier the president’s counselor called the phrase “highly offensive.” Yet, she did a quick turn-around on Wednesday, C-SPAN reported:

‘My reaction is that the president has made very clear he wants everybody to understand, and I think many Americans do understand, that the virus originated in China. And had China been more transparent and honest with the United States and the world, we wouldn’t have all the death and destruction that unfortunately we’ve suffered.’

The Anti-defamation League National Director Jonathan Greenblatt: tweeted:

Here we go again. It’s racist to refer to #COVID19, a disease that has killed 100k+ in America, by a name that incites hate. And just days after his campaign used a symbol associated w/ Nazis. Unprecedented for any @POTUS to divide and gaslight this way.’

Screen-Shot-2020-06-24-at-1.32.20-PM Kellyanne Conway Goes Full Racist During Wednesday Interview Debacle Black Lives Matter Featured Politics Racism Top Stories

In one instance, when a reporter asked Conway to explain the term “kung flu’s” oblique reference to China, she replied:

‘Excuse me, how do you know the way people, how do you know that people aren’t anticipating that or not connecting that? You don’t know that. While the president is saying it, he’s also saying this virus came from China. China is responsible… He said it’s called many different things, it’s called the Wuhan virus, the Chinese virus, and then he used another term.’


Last March, one reporter indicated she had heard that the staff in the White House currently uses the racist term frequently. In response, Conway — ever the attorney — demanded the name of those staffers who allegedly said the offensive term, according to YouTube:

‘Of course it’s wrong. It’s highly offensive, so you should tell us all who it is.’

Yet, on Wednesday she did not repeat her argument. Instead, she said that Trump was isolated with “yes-men.” Surprisingly, she added that she and the president do not always agree:

‘I speak to the president daily, on a number of different topics. We don’t always agree on everything.’

POTUS first started referring to the COVID-19 pandemic as “kung flu” during his Tulsa OK dispirited rally, according to The POLITICO:

‘I can name “kung flu,” I can name 19 different versions of names. Many call it a virus, which it is. Many call it a flu, what difference?’

During his Tuesday event in Phoenix POTUS repeated the offensive term time and again in reaction to the crowd. They cheered him on. Although, his closest advisers have warned him against using the term. It could cause an anti-Asian American discrimination peak:

‘The U.S. Advocacy groups have found anti-Chinese rhetoric during the pandemic is connected with racist acts against Asian Americans.’

Facebook took down one of Trump’s tweets showing an inverted red triangle, which was a near-duplication of a Nazi symbol. It was the one used in the 1940s to “identify political prisoners in death camps,” according to The Washington Post.

The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said:

‘It’s tiresome to read the “racially charged” or “racial grievances” in describing President Trump’s blatantly racist language. When you call the coronavirus the “kung flu,” as he did during his Tulsa rally, it behooves the media to say clearly: This is a derogatory and racist reference. His press secretary can disingenuously insist he was merely referencing the origin of the virus, but no one actually believes that. Every sentient American knows the virus came from China; the purpose of using the slur is to gin up racial hatred.’

For a man who has tried to enter the “in” New York crowd and never succeeded, it becomes apparent that his crudeness and crassness played a part in his failure. Rubin added other times the president has used racial slurs:

‘This is a president who referred to countries with mostly nonwhite populations as “s-hole” countries; who made his political start with birtherism (designed to deny legitimacy to the first African American president); who continued to call for the death penalty for the Central Park Five (who were exonerated); and who began his 2016 campaign saying that Mexican immigrants are “bringing crime” and that “they’re rapists.”‘

The columnist continued, saying that Trump “is writing nonwhites out of America:”

‘So it’s clear Trump is doing more than using racially “insensitive” or “provocative” language. His reverence for Confederate statues and memorials is not about amorphous “heritage”; it is about a “heritage” of enslavement (not to mention treason). When he tells black and brown members of Congress born in the United States to “go back” where they came from, he is writing nonwhites out of America.’

Then, she added that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) earlier on called out Trump as a:

‘[R]ace-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.’

Later Graham decided to take another tactic:

‘Donald Trump is not a race-bating, xenophobic, religious bigot.’

Rubin added a comment by retired Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez:

“I believe the president is a racist. The statement has to be made.’

The columnist called Sanchez’s remarks “unprecedented.” The military man said:

‘The overtly racist comments and discriminatory actions of our current President have convinced me that this administration does not actually view racial diversity as a pillar of American strength, and that it is choosing to actively ignore many elements of our Constitution.’

The Lt. General’s statement read:

‘Every American should be gravely concerned when our leadership strays from the rights and values established by our forefathers as the guiding light for American Democracy.”’

Rubin warned that Trump’s racist language was “fanning flames:”

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