Collins, Graham, & McConnell Sinking In Polls Ahead Of 2020 Elections


The Republican Party hung all their hopes for a new wave of power on a derange TV reality show host and have felt the crushing effects of that decision ever since. In 2018, Democrats dominated at the polls, flipping 40 seats and retaking the House of Representatives. Just four months out from the November 2020 elections, Republicans may be poised to lose the Senate, as well.

The GOP dominates the Senate with just three seats above having a majority, but at least three Republican senators, and very well-known ones, are underwater in the polls. The first is Susan Collins (R-ME), who is losing by nine points in the polls against her challenger, Sara Gideon.

One right-wing commentator for the Bangor Daily News said:

‘While no one should ever underestimate Susan Collins, the trend in the last few public polls is certainly in the wrong direction for those of us who want to see her re-elected. In March we saw a poll that showed her down 4 points. Two months later, she is now down 9.’

Even more shocking is the current race in Kentucky, where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a tight race with his challenger, Amy McGrath. McConnell has long been the most unpopular senator in office while handily winning elections in his ruby red state for decades. The 2020 polls show that it may be an uphill battle this time in a state where Republicans should not have to worry.

According to Newsweek:

‘The polling, which was conducted by RMG Group, shows McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot, with the support of 41 percent of voters, while McConnell is backed by 40 percent. However, the polling also showed that when voters are informed that McGrath supports congressional term limits while McConnell does not, her lead over the Republican jumps significantly.’

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) banked his hopes on backing Donald Trump in literally every situation, no matter how offensive or ridiculous the president becomes. The polls in his state seem to be proving that this was never a smart strategy for yet another longtime senator.

In a Civiqs poll reported by ABC News:

‘The poll said that 56 percent of the voters had an unfavorable view of Graham, with 35 percent viewing him favorably. It also had Harrison as a 18-point favorite among independent voters by 46 to 28 percent.’

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