‘The Lincoln Project’ Releases Instantly Viral Tuesday Trump Take Down


Donald Trump is in the midst of trying to discredit the top infectious disease expert in the country, Dr. Anthony Fauci, The New York Times wrote. Why? Fauci has the courage to tell the truth. Instead, POTUS turns to the former host of the game show “The Love Connection” from the 1980s for advice. Fortunately, there is a razor-sharp group of Republicans whose biting ads tell the truth, too.

The Lincoln Project consists of Republicans and former Republicans who have had the courage to fight for our very democracy. At the beginning of this year, they wrote:

‘Over these next 11 months, our efforts will be dedicated to defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line. We do not undertake this task lightly, nor from ideological preference. We have been, and remain, broadly conservative (or classically liberal) in our politics and outlooks. Our many policy differences with national Democrats remain, but our shared fidelity to the Constitution dictates a common effort.’

Hottest spot in the nation, Florida’s coronavirus pandemic statistics:

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The Lincoln Project just released another ad. Its turnaround time is startling-fast. This ad shows the bravery of the Black protesters compared to the bone-jarring cowardice of the Republican senators as they slink around the Capitol. What a disappointment these senators have been. Perhaps,  they think that by remaining quiet they will have a chance at their own elections. Think again.

Americans are far smarter than these politicians give them credit for being. They know cowardice when they see it, and they do not like it.

The latest ad showcases a Black Lives Matter group of protesters in their peaceful walk, carrying signs. Mere feet away, a string of armed white men and a woman lean against a white picket fence. Ironic, right?

The Lincoln Project’s ad urges people to vote for courage:

‘Vote for courage.’

Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen explains that Republican lawmakers have the authority to hold Trump accountable, but they refuse to do so. He said:

‘These Republicans know that Trump is unfit for office. They know what he’s doing to this country is wrong. Yet they say nothing. Their continuing silence is disqualifying.’

Monday 57,942 people contracted COVID-19:


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Senate Majority Leader ‘Moscow” Mitch McConnell has given Trump the deadline of Labor Day to get his campaign turned around. Unfortunately, these are the places where the pandemic infection rates “are soaring,” but the GOP governors are more afraid of upsetting Trump than of protecting the people:

‘Republican governors, afraid , refused to take appropriate steps to mitigate and minimize the effects of the coronavirus.’

There have been nearly three and one-half million confirmed coronavirus cases and 139,000 Americans have died as of this writing, according to Google statistical reports. This is Texas’ latest numbers from the Google statistical site:

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The Lincoln Project’s key issues are:

  • ‘COVID-19
  • The Economy
  • Unity vs. Division
  • Competence, corruption, and characters
  • The Validity of the 2020 Race
  • Election Security and Voter Rights/Voter Access
  • A Season of Surrender’

The Lincoln Project is committed to ousting Donald Trump:

‘The Lincoln Project began its efforts with a clear message: To rid American politics of Donald Trump and Trumpism in the November general election. At that moment, saving the Republic from the worst of Trump’s behavior was paramount. That goal was ambitious, but we knew even then that it would be an uphill fight.’

The founding members of the Project point to the murder of George Floyd by police officers reigniting racial tensions:

‘George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers put the racial tensions in America into stark relief. Hundreds of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators took to the streets. Organizations such as the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag. A long-overdue reckoning on race is underway.’

Government officials warned that a pandemic would strike America, and it did. The Lincoln Project pointed out that instead of jumping into action:

‘[H]e [Donald Trump] did nothing. He delayed. He deceived the American people about the scope and severity of the disease. He didn’t listen to experts, and his failures have led America into a medical and economic calamity. We now know the all-too- awful consequences of Trump’s failure to perform the duties of the presidency.’

Arizona’s latest numbers are:

Screen-Shot-2020-07-14-at-9.09.46-AM 'The Lincoln Project' Releases Instantly Viral Tuesday Trump Take Down Black Lives Matter Election 2020 Featured Politics Top Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the Lincoln Project to:

‘[T]hey were life-and-death consequences for American families and for the economy.Trump’s defeat at the ballot box in November is about much more than simply who controls the levers of government. America’s decision this fall will be an indication of whether we care about our fellow citizens, and whether the American experiment deserves to continue.’

The  organization said this week that it believes:

  • ‘Arizona and Colorado are off the board for Republicans. Neither Martha McSally nor Cory Gardner has the talent, resources or record to be reelected
  • ‘Thom Tillis in North Carolina is slipping in the polls to Cal Cunningham. If Trump’s numbers nationally continue to slide, it is unlikely Tillis wins a second term
  • ‘Susan Collins and Joni Ernst face extremely difficult paths to reelection. Collins has long attempted to straddle a middle ground with her voters, publicly mouthing pieties while marching in lockstep with Mitch McConnell. Ernst has done little of note with her first term and must now rely on Trump’s coattails in Iowa if he has any
  • ‘In Montana, Governor Steve Bullock is running a strong race and will likely defeat Senator Steve Daines in November.’

California’s statistics:

Screen-Shot-2020-07-14-at-9.10.14-AM 'The Lincoln Project' Releases Instantly Viral Tuesday Trump Take Down Black Lives Matter Election 2020 Featured Politics Top Stories

Other states to watch, according to the organization are:


  • ‘States such as Alabama, Alaska, and South Carolina are now toss-ups. In Alabama, Tommy Tuberville will have a much more difficult race than expected. In Alaska, Dan Sullivan will likely face a talented challenger
  • ‘In South Carolina, Lindsey Graham’s continued role as Trump’s favorite golf partner/pilot fish harmed him significantly in the Republican primary and is dragging down his reelection chances against Jaime Harrison, who is running an excellent – and well-funded – campaign
  • ‘Kansas could enter into the discussion as the voters in the Sunflower State are rejecting Trumpism and if extremist Kris Kobach is the nominee, all bets are off
  • ‘Mitch McConnell will have a fight on his hands against a well-funded Amy McGrath challenge. This race is too close to call, but we do expect McConnell’s campaign and associated super PACs to pull money back into Kentucky to save’

The featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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