Trump Suffers Major Mental Malfunction During Crazed W.H. Speech


On a list of totally strange things that Donald Trump has said while in office, included would certainly be things like windmills and how they cause cancer, disinfectant and how it could be injected directly into the lungs to stop the coronavirus, and when he said he fixed toilets as president so they wouldn’t have to be flushed multiple times. Today, he said he’s fixed all the dishwashers, too.

Trump was trying to discuss energy efficient appliances and “consumer choice,” which is another way of saying “I don’t like Obama so anything he did that might help the environment or the American people has to go.” Of course, it’s also a way to allow multi-million dollar corporations, especially those who donate to Trump and the GOP, to get away with making appliances without regulations that protect the environment. It also helps oil companies, as energy efficient appliances use more electricity.

Trump also went on a tangent about how he’s fixed the whole lightbulb situation, saying that the regular lightbulbs had been taken away by the Obama administration but he brought them back, and they’re “selling like hotcakes.” He also said they were cheaper, which is untrue. A single lightbulb may be cheaper, but a $1 lightbulb that has to be replaced over and over is, in the long run, more expensive than an LED bulb that only needs to be replaced every few years. Additionally, all of those cheap bulbs that were replaced sit in landfills and add to growing issues with the environment.

At this point, there is the worst pandemic since 1917 happening, the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression of 1929, and the worst civil unrest since the 1960s, and they’re all happening at the same time.

No worries, though. Trump’s got this dishwasher thing under control.” It’s called “rain.”

Featured image screenshot via Twitter