U.S. Court Devastates Trump Family In Tax Return Case


When Michael Cohen was convicted on tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations, it was clear that he didn’t commit at least some of those crimes on his own. The campaign finance violation involves an illegal hush money payment paid by Cohen on behalf of Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle, and it wasn’t to keep a porn star quiet about an affair she had with Cohen. Trump’s team did not report the in-kind donation and Trump’s business secretly reimbursed him.

For this and other reasons, including alleged tax fraud – Cohen said in court during his guilty plea that Trump often devalues his properties on tax returns but inflates their value on loan applications – prosecutors from the southern district of New York have requested a copy of Trump’s tax returns, returns he’s worked very hard to keep secret. The Supreme Court ruled recently that Trump is not exempt from criminal proceedings because he’s the president, and on Friday, they ruled that the turning over of documents can be expedited.

According to CNN:

‘The US Supreme Court granted the Manhattan district attorney’s request to immediately issue its judgment in the case over President Donald Trump’s tax returns, paving the way for new challenges to a grand jury subpoena to be handled by a lower court judge.’

Although Trump’s lawyers have argued that a president’s time is too valuable to waste on criminal charges and that he’s been the victim of a targeted political campaign against him by prosecutors in New York and the U.S. Congress, a judge ruled that Trump is not a king and is not immune to being held accountable under the law.

‘The Supreme Court last week ruled that the President does not have broad immunity against a state grand jury investigation.¬†Judgments, however, are generally not formally issued for 25 days.¬†The district attorney asked for that time to be cut short, and Trump’s attorney agreed. Friday, Chief Justice John Roberts said the request is granted.’

Trump’s legal team has filed these objections already and been rejected by the courts. After all, it’s hard to argue that a man who spends his days tweeting and watching Fox News is too busy to hand over a tax return. They’re running out of arguments and the returns may be released much sooner than anticipated.

NBC News reported earlier in the week that:

‘Vance said Trump can oppose the subpoena only on the same grounds that anyone else would and cannot claim he’s entitled to special consideration because he’s the president. As for his potential claims, Vance said the federal judge has already ruled that there was no bad faith or attempt to harass and that compliance with the subpoena would not substantially impair the president’s ability to carry out his official duties.’

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