Fact Check Of Trump’s ‘ABC Town Hall’ Humiliates Entire GOP


President Donald Trump’s rhetoric routinely has no relationship to reality. This observation is not contestable — Trump lies, on camera, over and over, and he did so again during a town hall event with ABC that aired on Tuesday night. CNN’s Daniel Dale called Trump’s remarks a “firehose of lying,” and the range of topics that he lied about was truly remarkable. Trump claimed, for instance, that Democrats would remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but they’re the ones who led the creation of those protections in the first place via ObamaCare. He also claimed that he did not offer praise for China over their Coronavirus response, but he did exactly that, repeatedly, in public!

Check out Dale’s fact-check below:

The lies go well on from there. Trump also claimed, for instance, that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said in March that the Coronavirus was overhyped. Dale noted that there’s no evidence that Biden ever said this. Before the Coronavirus even emerged, Biden warned about the dangers of being unprepared for a potential pandemic! Trump also claimed that nobody knew that the Coronavirus hit seniors especially hard during the early days of the pandemic, but that’s one of the first things that people knew!

The lying keeps going. Trump has faced steep scrutiny after a tape emerged of a conversation with journalist Bob Woodward in which he admitted to intentionally downplaying the Coronavirus. After the tape came out, Trump has claimed that he merely wasn’t trying to spark panic, although the Coronavirus has now killed some 200,000 Americans — is that not worth serious concern? At the ABC town hall, Trump claimed that World War II-era British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke from rooftops amidst Nazi bombing fears and told people “everything’s gonna be good.” This never happened.

Some of his other lies were similarly totally ridiculous. Trump claimed, for instance, that protesters took over 20 percent of Seattle. This claim is a total lie. A group of protesters recently took over a 6 block area of the city. Six blocks! Trump has no idea what he’s talking about.